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Rejuvenating June

The energy we have available to us at work and at home has a real and measurable impact on our ability to have a good day. Whilst we often talk about the importance of good time management to be productive, we should remember that time is finite but energy is not, so to maintain high performance throughout the day we should focus on managing our energy, rather than our time.

Our energy comes from 4 main areas;

  • Sleep,
  • Nutrition,
  • Resilience,
  • Exercise and movement,

and in each, energy can be increased and renewed by practicing certain habits and behaviours. By effectively managing our energy, we can perform at our best in any activity that we do, whether it’s being 100% present in conversations, contributing creative ideas in a meeting, or fully focusing on a task.

Take Notice

Making small changes to our lifestyle and behaviours is an easy way to boost our energy levels, and is completely within our control. Whether it’s going to bed one hour earlier, remembering to take regular breaks from the desk or ensuring you get your 5-a-day, small changes to the way we sleep, eat, move and manage daily pressures can help us to perform at our best every day.

Take a look at this Juice Health Hub article on the benefits of reclaiming your breaks.

This month, we are challenging you to our ‘Rejuvenating June’ challenge!

  1. Complete every challenge on the list within one week in June (or every week!)
  2. Share your success story with us on Twitter @JuiceSheffield or via email to Juice@sheffield.ac.uk
  3. Bag yourself an exclusive Juice Goody bag including merchandise, healthy living tips and a FREE Sport Sheffield voucher!

June Challenge


The Big Walk is back for 2019! Raising money for Sheffield Scholarships, the Big Walk is a fantastic opportunity to get active this June whilst fundraising for a great cause. Whether you choose the 23 mile route, or want to challenge yourself to 37, the incredible walk through the Peak District is set to be an exciting day.

To find out more and to sign up, visit the Big Walk page.

Big Walk 2019


Taking breaks to have lunch or do an activity can seem like an impossible task when we are faced with a busy schedule, but taking time out to refocus and reenergise can have huge boosts on our productivity and increase our ability to deal with pressures and challenges.

There are also an increasing number of reports on the dangers of sitting for too long, so even getting up to walk to another room to eat our lunch can be beneficial, or better still, getting outside for some fresh air and a quick walk can do wonders for the body and spirit. If you don’t sit at a desk, you should try to get away from your work space during lunch, helping you clear your mind and refocus.

Using our breaks to connect with others is a great way to socialise, meet new people and boost our mood. Our Juice activities such as the Book Group, Lunchtime Walk, Needlework Group and Choir are a great way to take a reenergising break from our work whilst enjoying some all-important social interaction. If board games are more your thing, look out for our new Juice Board Game Group, coming soon!

Keep Learning

Understanding how our sleeping and eating habits can affect our body and mind is key to developing good habits to help us maintain high energy.


There is no one answer to the question “how much sleep do I need?”. Some people need less and some people need more, but on average it is said that sleep deprivation is when you are sleeping less than 7 hours a day. Click on the box below to take a look at our top tips to a better night’s sleep:

Sleep Button


Generally speaking, managing our insulin levels is the key to creating sustained energy from food. Insulin is produced in response to digesting sugar and starches, and it provides quick boosts of energy by keeping glucose in our bloodstream. However, over time, an insulin resistance can start to develop in our body, meaning the sugar in our diet will start to have a lesser effect on boosting our energy levels, driving us to include more and more sugar and starch in our diet.

Therefore, in order to establish a sustained and balanced energy source from our food, follow our Top Tips for Maximum Energy below:

Nutrition Button

Be Active

If the idea of taking part in an intense work out during lunchtime is unappealing to you, there are still plenty of energy-boosting activities that you can do. A lunchtime walk would be a good option, and yoga and Pilates are especially good for a lunch-time class. You’ll lengthen and stretch your muscles, focus on your posture, strengthen your core and re-energise your body for the afternoon ahead.

If you’re new to yoga but would like to give it a go, throughout June, we are running beginners’ Yoga classes on Monday lunchtimes, available to book on via the Juice Platform.

Or perhaps you’re looking for a bigger active challenge this June?

Move More is a Sheffield-wide strategy that is being delivered by partners across the city, with the goal being for Sheffield to become the most active City in the UK by 2020. Back this year with brand new modifications to the mobile app, and a 30 day workplace challenge, this year promises to be the most active and successful year yet!

You'll be challenged to achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal for you and your team, based on the amount of ‘Active Minutes' you clock-up that day – 30 minutes for Bronze, 45 minutes for Silver and 60 minutes for Gold. Your Move More Minutes will contribute to your team’s total and at the end of June, Move More reveal who is the most active team and organisation in Sheffield! To find out more and to register a team, visit the Move More website.

Juice and Sport Sheffield are also teaming up to offer as many activities and opportunities for staff to get active and energised as possible. To find out more about what activities we have on, including brand new Cardio Tennis Bootcamp, take a look at the Juice Platform.

Whatever you choose to do, when you reclaim your breaks for some daily activity we’re confident that your productivity and energy levels will be boosted by the experiences you have. Remember, you’ll be healthier for it too.