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Managers Toolkit

Resources to help managers support the wellbeing of their staff

Facilitating Flexibility

This is a list of practical ideas to promote positive ways of working to help facilitate flexibility within the working day. The guide includes hints and tips to help your staff to manage their time individually or as part of a wider team, helping to balance work and home life and ensure time is dedicated to looking after their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others they care for.

Please view the manager's guide to facilitating flexibility here. Please see practical ideas to facilitate flexibility here.

How to Bring Wellbeing into the Everyday

To help you integrate wellbeing support for staff into everyday working practices, we’ve put together ten top tips for managers, including practical hints and tips to promote positive ways of working.

Please see the guidance here.

Solly Street Bookable Spaces

Space has been made available on campus for staff members who are finding that working from home on an ongoing basis is having a detrimental impact on their wellbeing.

Staff members have been encouraged to speak to their manager if they would like to book a space.

Please view the guidance for managers here.

Post Covid-19 Syndrome (Long Covid) and Supporting Wellbeing

This article may be useful if you are a manager supporting a staff member through recovery from Covid-19 and suspect it may be an instance of Post Covid-19 Syndrome (Long Covid). Work continues to collate information and resources around this area so please do keep checking back for updated signposting.

Please view the article here.

HML Occupational Health Assessment Tool

This tool may be helpful for managers to use with individuals who have concerns about returning back to work on campus. The document works through the individuals concerns and can help you make a decision on whether an Occupational Health referral to HML is necessary.

Please view the tool here. Please view the guidance here.

Equality and Wellbeing Risk Assesment: Continuing to Work from Home

This document provides a template for individual equality and wellbeing risk assessment that Managers can use to implement appropriate mitigation and support, for employees who are continuing to work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please see the risk assesment here.

Support for Staff on Furlough

This document, in collaboration with MIND, advises line managers and signposts to resources, to support staff during the furlough process.

Please see guidance for Managers here.

A Guide to Compassionate Bereavement Support

This guide, from CIPD, provides some key tips for line managers on how to support employees who are dealing with a bereavement, both in the short term and in the longer term.

Please read the guide here.

Supporting Employees Suffering from Grief

This article from SHP, Safety and Health Practioner, provides some tips for supporting employees suffering from grief, as well as useful contacts and resources to sign-post to.

Read the article here.

Online Wellbeing Hub – A tool for providing connection opportunities

Building a sense of community, inclusivity and having access to safe networks are all vital to our wellbeing. The ability to connect is a key step in the Five ways to wellbeing researched and developed by the New Economics Foundation.

With many staff currently working remotely, this sense of connection becomes even more important when addressing feelings of isolation and the loss of a sense of ‘team.’

Developing an online wellbeing hub provides opportunities for staff to connect, take time out to support their own wellbeing and contribute to wellbeing ideas and activities for themselves and colleagues.

For ease we have created a step by step guide of how to set up a wellbeing hub for your own team or department which is available here.

If having read this guidance you have any questions or would value seeing a live demo of a prototype hub, please email

MIND Working from Home Wellness Action Plan

The Wellness Action Plan provides a personalised, practical tool we can all use to support our wellbeing whether we have a mental health problem or not. It helps us identify what keeps us well and what impacts our mental health. For line managers the Wellness Action Plan will help you to know how best to support to your employees mental health.

Please see the WAP here.

MIND Wellness Action Plan Guidance for Managers

This guide is designed to be a helpful starting point in your journey as a line manager towards supporting your team members with their mental health at work.

Please see the guide here.

HSE Stress Management Competency Indicator Tool

The aim of this tool is to provide you with space to reflect upon your own behaviour and management style. The tool provides a helpful overview of the behaviours identified as being particularly effective for preventing and reducing stress at work.

Please see the tool here.

Stress Risk Assessment & Action Plan Template

This template, developed by the Stress Risk Management Working Group (SRMWG) aims to provide support to teams or departments in assessing the risk of (potential) stressors and creating suitable action plans.

Further information can be found here.

Tools for Supporting Staff who are Carers

Through the University's membership with Employers for Carers, staff members have access to which offers a range of resources that can help us support our staff who juggle work and care. Resources for mangagers include a managers handbook for supporting carers in the workforce, a managing bereavement toolit and e-Learning modules.

To view all of the resources available please create your own account by logging on with your univeristy email address and using our membership code #EFC1905.

Key resources for managers can be found on the right hand side of the Employers for Carers webpage.