Staff Mental Wellbeing - Our values and principles:

Mental health and wellbeing affects everyone and individuals may fluctuate between thriving, struggling, being well, and being ill and possibly off work.

The University’s goals are for:

● every individual to achieve their maximum mental wellbeing resilience so that they can realise their own potential, cope with the normal stresses of life and can work productively and fruitfully.

● every individual with poorer mental wellbeing and resilience, or a diagnosed mental illness, to be supported so that they can contribute fully and thrive at work.

As part of this commitment, the University recognises the importance of creating a positive environment, whereby staff and managers feel able to talk openly and with trust about mental health problems and seek help if necessary.

In order to proactively encourage and support staff to maintain positive mental health and wellbeing, and to make a positive impact across the University, the Staff Wellbeing service is setting out the following strategic aims:

1. To embed a culture of openness regarding mental health and wellbeing

2. To engage with the University community, through partnership working, to establish how the University can improve the mental health and wellbeing support available.

3. To promote the wide range of health and wellbeing services available to staff (and students).

4. To empower staff to recognise and support colleagues, peers and students who may require help to achieve mental health and wellbeing goals through integrating this approach within existing structures, procedures and values of the University.

For further information on this strategy please contact or alternately view our full Power of People strategy by clicking here.