Thursday 10th - Friday 18th October

Ready for the new academic year? Feeling refreshed and energised?

This month we explore some of the different ways we can all support our mental, social and physical wellbeing, highlighting some of the activities and groups you can get involved with, introducing the exciting features of our new staff wellbeing portal and providing some practical tips on leading a healthy lifestyle.

From Thursday 10th October - Friday 18th October, we will be hosting 7 days of activities to support staff wellbeing, with sessions including mindfulness, meditation, yoga and Pilates.  Take look at the activity timetable below to browse the activities on offer, and book via the Juice booking platform.

OMHW Timetable

The focus of this year's World Mental Health Day is on suicide prevention. Every 40 seconds someone dies by suicide — a scary figure and one that is preventable if we learn to spot the early signs that someone is struggling.

Our Staff Helpline and Counselling Service providers, Health Assured, have created a useful flyer to help you spot the warning signs of suicide and understand the best action to take in an emergency. Please feel free to download this from the 'downloads' section on the right-hand-side of this webpage and share with colleagues.

Take notice

Whilst in the midst of busy schedules it is easy to forget to check in and ask yourself – how do I feel?

Mental health and wellbeing is about the way you think and feel and your ability to deal with ups and downs. Being mentally healthy helps you make the most of your potential, cope with life, form healthy relationships with others, and gives you confidence and self-esteem.

Mental health top tips

It’s World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2019 and below are some practical tips on how to look after your mental health.

  • Ask for help - If at times, life gets too much for you, it’s important that you speak to those close to you. You may find that a few wise words from your partner or a family member is enough to get you back on track. If you’d prefer to speak to someone independent you can also talk to a trained counsellor by calling our Staff Helpline on 0800 028 1947. This service is free, confidential and available 24/7 to staff and their immediate family.
  • Plenty of sleep - Sleep helps regulate the chemicals in our brain that transmit information. These chemicals are important in managing our moods and emotions and an imbalance in those chemicals can result in us becoming depressed or anxious.
  • Eat well - A balanced diet that is good for your physical wellbeing is also good for your mental wellbeing. Your brain needs a mix of nutrients to stay healthy and function well.
  • Avoid alcohol - The numbing effects of drinking are only temporary and can often lead to mental health issues. It’s advised that if you do drink, that you stay within the governing bodies recommended unit guidelines.

Reminder - Juice has launched a set of dedicated webpages for staff to access and use to consider their own and others' mental wellbeing. These can be accessed at:
Designed to be a practical resource, the mental wellbeing webpages provide advice, guidance and signposts to available services, information and activities.


Taking part in group activities has huge social benefits, and our expanding range of social activities allows staff to come together with colleagues to share interests and talents. So far this year we have helped staff to start a Board Games Café, a Gardening Group and a Clothes Repair Café.

Do you have a personal hobby or interest you’d like to share with others? Fancy joining our group of volunteer staff activity leaders? Please get in touch at

Joining a staff network is another great way to meet new people who share similar interests and values to yourself. Staff networks are inclusive groups run by staff for staff, bringing together people from all faculties, departments and services that identify with the group. Staff networks fulfil various functions including providing opportunities for social interaction, peer support and personal development.

Click the links to the Staff Networks below to find out more about what they do, their upcoming events and to sign yourself up.

BAME Staff Network
LGBT+ Staff Network
Women@Tuos Network
Parents@Tuos Network
Adopters Network

Did you Know? As part of The Deal you can enjoy a night at the cinema with discounted cinema tickets available for you and the family, at a range of venues. It's now even quicker to download cinema tickets with the Perks at Work Cinema Link. For further information, click here.


Work continues to develop and enhance our wellbeing offer for staff at the University, placing health and wellbeing at the heart of working here.

Got an idea on what you would like to see from the staff activity programme and wellbeing at the University more broadly? Drop us a line at with your comments and feedback.

Keep Learning

New for October – staff now have access to the Wellbeing Zone resource on the Sport Sheffield website here
With assessments and tools built in, you can set personal goals, track fitness progress, learn healthy recipes and get a better understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

Register using our activation code 'SSWZ1’, add your details and start exploring!
Additional features will be added as this resource is developed over the coming months so keep checking back for updates.

Be active

Research indicates that modest amounts of exercise can make a difference to your mental wellbeing.
We often talk about the mind and body as though they are completely separate - but they aren't. The mind can’t function unless your body is working properly. But it also works the other way - the state of your mind affects your body.

People who exercise regularly tend to do so because it gives them an enormous sense of wellbeing. They feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their lives. And it’s also powerful medicine for many common mental health challenges. Log in to the Wellbeing Zone to find a variety of articles and resources to support your physical and mental wellbeing.

Don’t forget! – You can book onto the University’s health, wellbeing and social activities programme, via the Sport Sheffield website here. All activities continue to be free and are opened up for bookings six days in-advance, giving you the opportunity to try something new.
All activities are offered at an introductory level and the Sport Sheffield team of fitness instructors and trainers will be able to help signpost staff to further sessions and fitness opportunities as you progress.

If you are supporting a student to look after their own mental health you can find the Student Our Mental Health Week webpages here.