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Staff Wellbeing Activities

At Home!

Working in a new environment, worrying about your own, or a loved one’s, health and spending a lot of time in one place or socially distancing can all have a detrimental effect. This means that it is more important than ever to look after our mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Although usual Staff Wellbeing activities are paused, we have brought together a range of accessible, varied and fun activities that you can do from your own home!

The list below outlines the activities and apps we are currently offering and suggesting, as well as information on how you can access them from home. We are always open to activity suggestions, and even more so in this current situation! So, if there is an activity you would like to see on the webpages or if you have any other ideas around health and wellbeing please let us know! You can email staffwellbeing@sheffield.ac.uk.

Please do prioritise your wellbeing during this difficult time and make sure to speak to your manager or our staff advice line and counselling service, Health Assured, if you are struggling.

Physical Activities 

logo of Sport Sheffield

Sport Sheffield Campus Membership

Sport Sheffield have recently introduced their first ever Campus Fitness Memberships, giving University Staff access to our discounted student memberships for the first time, making sport and fitness more accessible than ever before to everyone on campus.

Find out more about the services they offer at www.sport-shefield.com or contact them at info@sport-sheffield.com.

Sport Sheffield Facebook Live Classes

Sport Sheffield are continuing to offer FREE Facebook Live classes throughout the week on their Sport Sheffield Facebook page.

To join, simply "like" the Sport Sheffield page on Facebook. At the time of the class, the live video will appear on the page. You will get a notification of this.

 yoga for staff activities


Yoga is an excellent way to relax during a stressful day and can really benefit your mental health, it also has many physical benefits such as strength and flexibility. Yoga may also help to relieve any aches you may be experiencing from working in a different environment!

You will need: A yoga mat or towel.

How? Please see here for a range of classes from our Juice instructor Hilary and suggestions from staff members.

Large version of Physio


Remedy Physio are offering free ten minute phone calls for University of Sheffield staff, as well as online video consultations.

This, along with the Health & Safety Guidance on Working Remotely, that you can find here, will be useful for anyone who is experiencing aches and pains due to not working in their usual environment.

How? Please see Remedy Physio’s website here or call 0114 276 1997.

SW Activities LesMils

Les Mills

Sport Sheffield, have teamed up with Les Mills to give you FREE online workouts!

Les Mills on Demand offers 800 programs including, body pump, body combat, mindfulness, Barre and kid's exercise (just to name a few!).

Whilst we all spend more time at our homes, it is essential to try and keep fit and healthy - exercising from the comfort of your living room or garden is a great way to do that!

How? Please click here to access the 60 day free trial! After the 60 days, you will receive discounted rates for £7.94 per month. This is an option you can opt out of whenever you like!

Image of the staff wellbeing zone

Wellbeing Zone

We've partnered up with Sport Sheffield to be able to offer all University Staff free access to the wellbeing zone!

The wellbeing zone gives you access to a fantastic resource to assess your wellbeing, find advice and tutorials as well set goals and as track your progress as you make positive changes in your life.

How? After you have logged into Muse click on My Services - Staff Wellbeing - Wellbeing Zone (or visit https://sportsheffield.wellbeingzone.co.uk/) and create an account. To register you will need to use our activation code 'SSWZ1’.


Bootcamp/Pilates/Cardio HIIT

Sport Sheffield instructor Stacey Jacques usually runs 3 staff wellbeing classes every week.

Whilst this is not currently possible, Stacey is posting daily live workout videos!

How? You can follow along on her Facebook page here.

NHS Logo

NHS Fitness Studio

The NHS Fitness Studio has a wide range of online exercise videos.

Including, sitting exercises for those who would like a less intense workout, postnatal exercises and workouts specifically designed for those with health problems - there's something for everyone!

How? Visit the NHS Fitness Studio here.

Parent exercise

The Body Coach P.E Lessons

Joe Wicks a.k.a The Body Coach is live streaming P.E classes Monday-Friday from 9am.

These 30 minute workouts are an excellent way to keep kids active and is a good workout for adults too. A great way to start your day!

How? Visit The Body Coach youtube channel here to live-stream or watch other workout videos, including low-impact sessions.

Cartoon of a pregnant woman doing yoga

Jennis Fitness

This free app from Jessica Ennis has lots of work out videos, and is especially tailored for post and pre pregnancy fitness.

How? Check out the Jennis website here or download the app on your mobile or tablet.

Down Dog 200x200

Down Dog Apps

All 5 of these apps have been opened up to education and healthcare workers for free until July 1st!

These apps have content for all levels on yoga, HIIT and Barre workouts.

How? Sign up with a sheffield.ac.uk email address on any of their apps and it will automatically give you full access to their guided video content.

Social Activities

Book Club

Book Club

It is important to not become socially isolated whilst we are social distancing. Joining the Juice Book Club through one of their virtual google hangouts is a great way to keep connected with colleagues. 

This month’s book: Aarti Iyer from the University's BAME Staff Network will lead the discussion on 'Superior: The Return of Race Science' by Angela Saini for Black History Month.

When? Wednesday 21 October at 12:15 - 13:00.

How? Email Book Club staff leader Karen Beck at karen.beck@sheffield.ac.uk for the link to the Google Meet.

Mental Wellbeing

image of stones piled on top of each other

Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness have a variety of uses. They can be a great way to relax and destress, can increase our awareness and ability to accept and can also be used to improve focus and concentration!

How? Please see here for a range of options from our Yoga instructor Hilary and other recommended online resources.

image of library shelves

Sheffield Libraries

Reading can be a great distraction from the worries in our life and can help improve mental health. It also stimulates your brain, improving memory function and vocabulary!

You can join Sheffield Libraries for free and use their eLibrary to download a wide variety of books.

How? Visit Sheffield Libraries website here and click on ‘Apply to Join a Library’.

Image of person listening to a podcast

NHS Mental Health Wellbeing Audio Guides

These guides by Dr Chris Williams can help boost your mood with tips on issues such as anxiety, sleep problems and low confidence.

How? The Guides are available on the NHS website here.

Image of boardgame


When you are feeling anxious, worried, or in crisis, playing games can act as a distraction from what is going on.

MIND have put together a collection of online games and puzzles that have been recommended by their service users.

How? Visit MIND’s website here.

NHS helpline image


The NHS have collated a list of helplines and support groups that can offer expert advice if you are concerned about yourself or a loved one.

How? Visit the list of recommended helplines and support groups here.

Inox Dine Logo

Inox Recipes

Inox, the University’s own restaurant and event space, is sharing daily, delicious recipes that you can create at home!

Cooking can be a distraction from worries, a way to help you feel productive and a fun thing to do with loved ones.

How? Follow Inox’s Facebook page to see their daily recipes on your newsfeed.

Image of an empty calander

Coping Calendar

Action for Happiness have created a coping calendar with 30 suggested actions to look after ourselves and each other as we face this global crisis together.

How? Download the calendar here and for 30 days follow along with their suggested self-care actions.

Financial Wellbeing

Image of gowing coins

Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert by Martin Lewis, have put together articles containing a range of information to help support your financial wellbeing during the pandemic.

Topics include: how to get the most out of your broadband, support with bills and advice for moving house.

How? Visit the Money Saving Expert Coronavirus news stream here.

Image from Finance Webinars

Financial Wellbeing Webinars

The WEALTH at work seminars will now run as webinars!

How? Visit here and select the webinar you would like to attend based on on what stage of your career you are at and which pension scheme you are contributing to.