HRI Catalyse

A series of interdisciplinary provocations for 2016-17

HRI Catalyse is a series of events promoting collaboration in and beyond the Faculty of Arts and Humanities. They are opportunities to come together around focused questions, topics, and methods. Each event is a one-hour session structured as short provocations from two or more speakers from different disciplinary perspectives, followed by panel and audience discussion, helped along by refreshments. Events are aimed at Faculty staff and PGRs, but all are welcome.

HRI Catalyse – a series of interdisciplinary provocations for 2016-17

Events are on the first Monday of the month, each on a different topic within the broad theme of interdisciplinarity, and comprising short talks from different perspectives with audience discussion. These include themes identified in previous HRI workshops, topics focusing on digital humanities methods as used in different disciplines, and nominations from Faculty staff and PGRs from an open call.

3rd October – launch event ‘Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity’. This panel debate plus audience discussion starts the series off with a serious questioning of interdisciplinarity. Interdisciplinarity is pitted against disciplinarity, asking why interdisciplinarity matters to Arts and Humanities scholars. What are you giving up? What are you gaining? Should we be aiming for interdisciplinarity multidisciplinarity, or transdisciplinarity in research? Craig Brandist (Russian and Slavonic Studies) and Laura Meagher (Technology Development Group) provide provocations.

7th November – no event
5 December - ‘The Arts in Medicine and Health’: Annamaria Carusi (Medical Humanities/Philosophy), Nicolas Salazar Sutil (School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds), Victoria Williamson (Music), Brendan Stone (English) and Vicky Grant (Library) discuss the place of the arts in healthcare.

6 February – 'Humanities in the Lab: Using Experiments to Explore what it Means to be Human": celebrate the launch of the Faculty’s new laboratory for arts and humanities cognition research, with Dagmar Divjak (Russian and Slavonic Studies), Renee Timmers (Music), Robyn Orfitelli (English), and Ranjan Sen (English).

6 March - ‘Using Network Science in Arts and Humanities Research’: Robin Dunbar (Oxford University), Julia D Hillner, Mairin MacCarron and Robert Shoemaker (History), show how the study of complex networks are providing new insights onto research questions in arts and humanities.

Suggestions for future events can be made to the Director of the HRI, Professor Nicola Dibben (

Event details:

3rd October – launch event ‘Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity’
5 December
6 February
6 March