Digital Humanities Congress 2012 - Presentations

Smiljana Antonijević and Sally Wyatt (Royal Netheralds Academy of Arts and Sciences), Monica Bulger and Eric Meyer (Oxford Internet Insitute, University of Oxford)
Digital Humanities in Practice

Francesca Benatti (The Open University) and Justin Tonra ( NUI Galway)
Who Killed Christabel? Can Authorship Attribution Solve the Case?

Jonathan Blaney (Institute of Historical Research, University of London)
The Citation Problem in the Digital Humanities

Keira Borrill (University of Sheffield)
Participating in Search Design

Erik Malcolm Champion (Digital Humanities Lab Denmark/Aarhus University)
Research As Infrastructure

James Cummings (University of Oxford)
Compromises and Flexibility in the TEI Customization

Hilde De Weerdt (King's College London)
Citation Networks and Topic Maps: Digital Readings of Chinese Notebooks

Claudia Favero (The Open University)
Digital Historians: Perspectives and Approaches in Research and Teaching

Leigh Garrett and Marie-Therese Gramstadt (University for the Creative Arts)
KAPTUR: Examining the Importance and Effective Management of Research Data in the Visual Arts

John Haggerty (University of Salford) and Sheryllynne Haggerty (University of Nottingham)
Investigating Networks Over Time: Matrixify

Jeremy Huggett (University of Glasgow)
Promise and Paradox: Accessing Open Data in Archaeology

Pim Huijnen (Descartes Centre for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences and the Humanities, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
WAHSP; Developing a Web-Application for Historical Sentiment Mining in Public Media

Takako Kato (De Montfort University)
Transcribing Incipits and Explicits in TEI-XML

Max Kemman, Martijn Kleppe, Stef Scagliola and Renske Jongbloed (Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
Mapping the Use of Digital Sources Amongst Humanities Scholars in the Netherlands

Michael Meredith (University of Sheffield)
Representing Norwegian Emigration in the Virtual World through the Eyes of Ola Nordmann

Paul Rayson, Alistair Baron, Andrew Hardie (Lancaster University)
Which 'Lancaster' Do You Mean? Disambiguation Challenges in Extracting Place Names for Spacial Humanities

Andrea Scharnhorst (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences)
Visual Interfaces to Collections

Clare Scott (University of Sheffield Library)
Getting Rights Right

Erin Snyder (University of Oxford)
An Institutional Framework for the Digital Humanities: An Alternative to the DH Centre

Ségolène M. Tarte (University of Oxford)
Cognitive Insights in Interpretation Building: Tailoring Software to Expert Practices

Bronwen Thomas and Julia Round (University of Bournemouth)
Researching Readers Online

Chiel van den Akker (VU University Amsterdam)
History as Dialogue