Ohio-Sheffield Collaborative Research Seminar 2017-2018

Would you like to develop your research ideas in collaboration with colleagues from Arts and Humanities at Ohio State University and University of Sheffield? The OSU-TUOS Collaborative Research Seminar is now open for applications.

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 18th October 2017

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This scheme, funded by the Humanities Institute (OSU) and HRI (TUOS), invites applications for funding from cross-institutional teams of Arts and Humanities faculty members wishing to collaboratively pursue a research topic.

The scheme will fund an Interdisciplinary Team-Taught Faculty Research Seminar (a series) led by two faculty members, one from OSU and one from TUOS, who jointly propose a themed seminar topic and syllabus. Each seminar leader can apply to receive a one-module teaching release. The participants in the course would be faculty members from the two institutions who would apply to participate in the course. The project leaders must come from a discipline within the arts and/or humanities, but teams may include scholars from any discipline.

Each participant would be eligible to apply for expenses to cover materials and other costs. The enrollment limit would be ten participants, distributed equally between the two institutions. Graduate students of exceptional promise could be invited to join if appropriate, up to a maximum of one per institution. The expectation is that the seminar series would meet once a week for the duration of the spring semester, that they would create an audio-visual record of the collaboration (e.g. a short film suitable for publicity via institutional and other websites), and that at the end of the course the participants would hold a public symposium to discuss their findings. Successful applicants must provide a brief report on the Seminar and actions arising from it, including photographs/audiovisual media of any associated events suitable for publicity.

Based on the 2016 scoping meetings, we have already identified substantial intersections in the interests of humanities scholars at OSU and TUOS (e.g., medical humanities, environmental humanities, digital humanities, public engagement as research, etc.), and we welcome these and other proposals. The seminar is an opportunity for meaningful and productive knowledge exchange and collective reflection which will enhance the internationalization of our research.

The amount of each award will vary according to the budgetary requirements detailed in each application, up to a maximum of $8000 (OSU) and £3000 (TUOS). Eligible costs include: buy-out from equivalent of one module for each of two seminar leaders; stipend for materials, guest speakers, equipment and/or expenses for participants. Please note that a variety of free teleconferencing facilities are available (Adobe, Youtube streaming channels) and applicants should make their own enquiries to determine which best suits their needs.
The successful application will:
Provide a forum for faculty members to engage in inspiring and challenging intellectual activity;
Build capacity and expertise in topics of thematic importance to each institution;
Facilitate concrete research outputs of international significance, rigour and originality;
Build sustainable, international research-relevant networks that can position us to take advantage of external funding targeting international teams;
Raise public awareness and debate related to the contribution of Arts and Humanities research to questions of major importance.

If you have any queries about this opportunity and what kind of events, person, or funding application might be eligible, please contact the relevant Director:
Professor Nicola Dibben (TUOS) n.j.dibben@sheffield.ac.uk;
Professor Paul Reitter (OSU) reitter.4@osu.edu (outgoing),
Dr Rick Livingston livingston.28@osu.edu (incoming).

Download the application form