Jamie McLaughlin

Technical Officer, HRI Digital

Jamie McLaughlin is currently seconded part time to the Armadillo Historical Data Mining Project. This project uses a set of online resources in eighteenth-century British social history to evaluate the benefits to humanities scholars of automated data-mining techniques and Semantic Web technology.

In his capacity as programmer at the HRI, Jamie is devloping a number of web applications for projects based in the Institute. These include an online Virtual Research Environment for scholars researching the House of Lords Journals and updates to the James Madison Carpenter Collection website.

Jamie obtained a BA in History from the University of Sheffield in 2000 and an MPhil in the same subject in 2003. The English Civil War and Interregnum are Jamie's main areas of interest. Since joining the HRI in 2002, Jamie has developed online components for around twenty projects including the Old Bailey Proceedings Online, Foxe's Book of Martyrs Variorum Edition and the Galdos Editions Project.