Virtual Vellum Downloads

On this page there are two types of downloads available. The first table provides a list of the main application downloads, including the application and documentation. The second table includes a collection of promotional material.

Main Application Downloads

Download File Size Description
Virtual Vellum V2.4b - Dev (ZIP) 220KB Contains just the vv.jar file, which is a self-contained compiled version of Virtual Vellum for both the applet and desktop versions.
Source Code (available shortly) N/A Contains the complete source code for Virtual Vellum, including the JPEG 2000 decoder classes. If you are interested in the source code before it is available here, please contact one of the project team.
VV User Guide (PDF) 92KB The basic user guide for Virtual Vellum which covers running Virtual Vellum and the visible functionality of the software and how to use it via the graphical interface.
VV Technical Reference (PDF) 115KB A technical reference for setting up and configuring Virtual Vellum. This documents includes details of the metadata, image structures and formats used and how to embed Virtual Vellum within a web page.
Example applet HTML (TXT) 1KB An example HTML file that illustrates how to embed Virtual Vellum within a web page.
Complete Example (ZIP) 35.7MB Provides a complete example of Virtual Vellum. This download contains example XML files, sample images, the Virtual Vellum software, a windows-based batch file for running the software on the desktop and a HTML file for applet usage. Further details are included in the readme.txt file that is included in the ZIP file.
Collator Application - Beta Version (ZIP) 2.9MB An application that will convert TIF/BMP images to JPEG2000 and produce a suitable file structure and accompanying XML file to be used with Virtual Vellum. NOTE: If you experience any problems when trying to run the application, please run vcredist_x86.exe to install the C Runtime libraries, which is included in this download (restart may be needed).
Collator User Guide (PDF) 76KB The user guide for Collator. This is also included in the above Collator application download.

Promotional Material

Download File Size Description
Virtual Vellum (PDF) 224KB Introduction to Virtual Vellum.
Putting Manuscripts on the Web (PDF) 250KB Slides used during the e-Science day (June 07).
Virtual Vellum at QinetiQ (PDF) 736KB Slides used during a workshop held at QinetiQ (Nov 06).
AHM06 Handout (PDF) 182KB All Hands Meeting 2006 handouts for The White Rose Grid booth.
AHM06 Poster (PDF) 3.67MB All Hands Meeting 2006 poster for The White Rose Grid booth.
Original VV Flyer (PDF) 481KB The original flyer for the Virtual Vellum project.
Original VV Poster (PDF) 2.17MB The original poster for the Virtual Vellum project.
AHM07 Handout (PDF) 124KB All Hands Meeting 2007 handouts for The White Rose Grid booth.
AHM07 Poster (PDF) 352KB All Hands Meeting 2007 poster for The White Rose Grid booth.
AHM07 Slides (PDF) 552KB All Hands Meeting 2007 slides for the AHeSSC booth.

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