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HRI Digital

The Humanities Research Institute is one of the UK's leading centres for digital humanities, providing research and development services for the arts, humanities and heritage domains.

With 20 years experience, the HRI's mission is to support the innovative use of technology in Arts and Humanities research as both a method of inquiry and a means of dissemination.

The HRI's digital humanities team is called HRI Digital and comprises developers and researchers working on a wide portfolio of funded research projects. Approximately 50% of all HRI projects are directed by colleagues in institutions other than the University of Sheffield.

HRI Digital collaborates with an enormous number of partners in the higher education, public and commercials sectors, ranging from archives and galleries to serious games companies and digital content publishers.

Services and Activities

HRI Digital's activities can be summarised as follows:

1. Partnership with internal and external clients on projects in the Arts and Humanities in which there is an ICT component or digital output. This includes:

2. Online publishing services for high-quality Arts and Humanities research resources which need to be peer-reviewed and made freely available to the public.

3. Guidance on data development standards for preservation, interoperability and re-use; including recommendations on best practice and feasibility studies.

4. Facilitating knowledge exchange between ICT-related research in the Arts and Humanities and businesses within the education, cultural, library information and creative industries.

5. Exploring the impact of the digital Arts and Humanities and the relevance of new technologies for delivering next-generation research resources.

Visit the HRI Digital website