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The University of Sheffield is an environmentally responsible organisation and is committed to reducing and managing its’ environmental impact.

Our strategic aims and aspirations are set out in the Environmental Policy. The policy is our roadmap and it acts as starting point for change within the organisation.

From these webpages you can find about the policies and initiatives developed by various departments and teams across the University which contribute to delivering the shared objectives set out in the policy.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste must be disposed of in line with current legislation.

Please ensure that you comply with the corporate procedures for disposal of these wastes:

Our Recycling Schemes

The University streams some wastes at source for reuse, recycling and recovery. These are managed centrally.

Confidential Waste

Confidential information can be stored on variety of media, however irrespective of how the information is held; it must be disposed of securely. Read more

Lab Waste

Find out how to dispose of the wide variety of wastes that can be generated in university labs.

How we manage our waste

The University takes a structured approach to waste management across the campus, these webpages explain how.

Bulky Waste

Items that are too large to be disposed of in a commercial wheelie bin are classed as bulky waste. Find out how to organise collections with Portering Services.  Read More

Policies and Documents


The University of Sheffield aims to operate in a sustainable way and to minimise its impact on the Environment. Part of this commitment includes protecting and enhancing biodiversity on campus and within the city.   Read more


Charlotte Winnert

Environment Officer
T: 0114 222 9083
E: C.L.Winnert@sheffield.ac.uk


Charlotte likes to persuade staff to use their recycling bins properly...

Charlotte ♡'s rubbish.