Confidential Waste

Confidential information can be stored on variety of media – on paper, electronically on hard drives, computer disks and CDs and on audio and video tapes. Irrespective of how the information is held confidential waste must be disposed of securely.

Paper, computer disks, CDs, audio and video tapes can all be disposed of though the corporate confidential waste scheme. Computer hard drives should not be disposed through the confidential waste system, instead they should be disposed of through the corporate WEEE disposal scheme.

Departments are encouraged not to shred confidential waste themselves - economies of scale mean that it is cheaper to pay a contractor to shred the University’s confidential waste rather than department staff shredding material using a small shredder.

Guidance has been written to help departments determine what types of documents should be disposed of as confidential waste. The guidance also outlines departmental responsibilities and explains how to arrange a collection of confidential waste.

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