Pipette Tip Box Recycling

Three pipette tip suppliers will take back their packaging – tip boxes and racking - for recycling. They are

· Fisher
, and
· Starlab.

A centrally managed system has been set up to recycle the packaging: the Recycling Team will collect the tip boxes and deliver them to Biology Stores where they are sorted and returned to the appropriate supplier.

Unfortunately packaging from other suppliers will have to be disposed of in the general waste.


1. Collect up your clean and uncontaminated tip boxes and racks in clear bags (Biology Stores have a stock of bags or they can be supplied by the Environment Officer).

2. Leave the full bags of boxes and racks with your biological waste and Winchesters for collection by the Recycling Team on scheduled collection days.

3. If you do not have a collection of biological waste from your lab, e-mail the Recycling Team (waste@sheffield.ac.uk) to arrange a collection.