Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile Phone RecylingThe law no longer allows electrical equipment to be disposed of in the general waste, instead all electrical equipment, including mobile phones, must be re-used, recycled or recovered.

The Voice and Data Team manage the University’s mobile device contracts. They collect unwanted devices from departments; any information on the phones is erased and where possible the device and any accessories will either be re-used within the organisation or kept as spares. Unwanted devices and accessories are sent for recycling.

If a phone is upgraded, withdrawn or if the user leaves the University, the device can be redeployed to another team member within the department. Voice and Data Team must be informed if phones are reallocated so the account information can be updated.

If the device is unwanted it must be returned to the Voice and Data Team - all devices and handsets remain the property of the University.

Devices, along with their chargers, accessories and manuals should be packaged securely and sent via the internal mail to the Voice and Data Team, CiCS Computing Centre, 8-20 Hounsfield Road, Sheffield. S3 7RF. The package should be clearly labelled for reuse / recycling.

If you have any queries please contact the Voice and Data Team directly on 33333.