That was a close call!

Tell us about safety hazards on campus

  • Have you had a safety-related close call at work?
  • Have you spotted a hazard on campus that you've dealt with yourself?
  • Is there a potential hazard that you need our help to sort out?

Last year, you prevented over 100 potential accidents by dealing with and reporting hazards and safety close calls. Whether it's a slippery walkway near the Arts Tower, sharp items in the general waste down in dentistry or some discarded packaging on a stairway at the Diamond, please tell us about it. These might seem like small things, but slips, trips and falls; falling and moving objects; and contact with sharp objects are the biggest causes of accidents and injuries at our University. 

We will use what you tell us to build an accurate picture of safety on campus and to take action where needed. We also want to be able to say thank you to colleagues who are helping to make our University a safer place to work.

Tell us about hazards now

Stair graphic

Rain drops

Sharp item


Important information

  • You can also report minor workplace faults to the EFM helpdesk
  • Please remember that accidents, incidents, dangerous occurrences and near misses, for example where you have slipped but not necessarily injured yourself, should continue to be reported via our online reporting system at within 24 hours of occurrence
  • For more serious safety or security incidents, contact Security Control on the 24-hour line 0114 22 24085, or in an emergency only, on 0114 222 4444