Radiation Protection

The Radiation Policies can be viewed by clicking the link - Ionising, Non-Ionising, Lasers


It is important that all users of ionising and non-ionising radiations are made aware of the hazards of their work,
treat radiation with respect and receive appropriate safety training.  The radiation protection team are here to help.

Contact: Miss Millie Gillatt (Tel: 26190), Enquiries (Tel: 27466)

Action in Event of Emergency




Policy and Procedures - Ionising Radiations

Guidance to IRR99

Isoinventory Database

Radiation Work and Workers Database


Policy and Procedures - Non-Ionising Radiations

Policy and Procedures - Work with Lasers

Laser Safety Local Rules

Guidance of Safe Use of AOR

Guidance of Safe Use of EMF

Laser Work and Users Database


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