Introduction to ECG Interpretation (Study days x 2)

Who is it for?

These study days are suitable for anyone who needs an introduction to interpretation of the electrocardiogram in clinical practice. Participants could come from a variety of clinical settings and disciplines from either primary or secondary care. Participants who have benefited from this course in the past include acute care nurses, practice nurses, GPs, paramedics, ECG technicians, and operating department practitioners. No prior knowledge of the ECG is needed to attend the course, but participants are encouraged to attend with a clear idea of how the knowledge gained may assist them in their clinical work.

Overview of content:

  • Introduction to the 12 lead ECG. Including: Basic Electrophysiology (Depolarisation, Repolarisation, Automaticity, Conduction), The PQRST complexes. Genesis of the 12 leads.
  • Rhythm analysis, including Supraventricular and Ventricular Arrhythmia's and Conduction problems
  • Bundle Branch Block
  • The ECG in Coronary Heart Disease
  • Miscellaneous abnormalities

What is it about?

The course will particularly explore the ECG in Coronary Heart Disease and Cardiac Arrhythmias, but will also cover a variety of other common abnormalities. The emphasis throughout will be on the application to clinical practice and will provide the opportunity to practice ECG interpretation using actual clinical examples and cases.

How does it enhance practice?

The course will improve both knowledge and confidence in real life ECG interpretation.

 Course Structure:

2 x day study days 09.30-16.00

Upcoming Dates:

02 & 03 November 2017

Application and Funding

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If successful in your application for the course you will receive an offer letter with the exact details of the location of teaching, closer to the start date.

Tuition Fees

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Programme Leader/Contact Name:

Mac Macintosh

Tel: 0114 222 2054 Email: