Effective Advanced Practice for Independent Prescribers (SNM677)

Who is it for?

This unit is designed for nurses already with a
prescribing qualification at undergraduate level who
are training for advance practice roles.

Overview of content:

  • Holistic patient assessment
  • Use of evidence in advanced practice
  • Critical thinking and problem solving for autonomous practice
  • Shared decision making and patient information interventions
  • Underpinning pharmacology and pathophysiology

What is it about?

The unit builds on the knowledge and skills already gained through completion of a previous course in
independent prescribing and uses principles of reflective practice and work based learning to further
develop effectiveness in relation to advanced practice.

How does it enhance practice?

The unit critically examines and evaluates practice for independent prescribing in relation to competence and effectiveness and develops the knowledge and skills required for an autonomous advanced practice role.  The greater demands for autonomy and critical thinking are supported alongside the knowledge and skills to fully integrate their prescribing practice into their advance role.

Mode of Assessment

A practice based portfolio focused on scenarios from prescribing practice within an effective advanced practice role.


30 credits at Level 7

Course Structure

Introductory lecture; the unit will be introduced with an introductory teacher led session.

A portfolio based learning contract oriented to developing autonomy and critical thinking with clinical practice will be used to guide individual supervision.

Group tutorials will be used to share and guide critical reflection on practice.

Start Date: 26 September 2019

Attendance Dates: 26.09.19, 03.10.19, 24.10.19, 31.10.19, 21.11.19, 28.11.19, 12.12.19, 19.12.19, 23.01.20

Application and Funding

To apply for this course, you need to complete an online application and a paper funding form. To complete the online application, please select the "apply" link at the top right of this page. Please see our Funding Page for information on funding options and to download a fees and funding form.

Delivery Site

University of Sheffield - Central Campus and Clinical Skills facility at the Northern General Hospital.

If successful in your application for the course you will receive a confirmation email with the exact details of the location of teaching, closer to the start date.

The School of Nursing and Midwifery is based at Barber House, Glossop Road, Sheffield; opposite the Royal Hallamshire Hospital however teaching may take place across the University site.

Programme Leader

Ian Brown

Tel: 0114 222 2074   Email: i.s.brown@sheffield.ac.uk