Programmes List (A-Z)

This alphabetical title list includes all CPD study days, modules and full programmes run across the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health, which are eligible for NHS LBR funding. 

Courses with HAR codes take place in the School of Health and Related Research

Courses with HCS codes take place in the Department of Human Communication Sciences

Courses with OPH codes take place in the Academic Unit of Opthamology and Orthoptics

Courses with SNM codes take place in the School of Nursing and Midwifery

If you are unsure of the exact title of the course you are looking for it may be more helpful to search for keywords below:


Acquired Language Disorders: Analysis and Intervention (HCS6044)
Advanced Certificate In Language And Communication Impairment In Children (HCSU03)
Advanced Clinical Assessment (SNM670)
Advanced Simulation Methods (Semester 2) (HAR672)
Advancing Renal Nursing Practice - online (SNM3255/652)
Assessing and Analysing Cleft Palate Speech (HCS6111)
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Building Cost-effective Models for Health Technology Assessment (Semester 2 online)(HAR6119)
Biosciences in Neonatal Care (SNM647)
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Care and Management of the Renal Patient - online (SNM3254/SNM659)
Care and Management of the Person with Chronic Respiratory Disease (SNM3253)
Care of the Critically Ill Neonate (SNM3264/SNM672)
Cervical Screening for Health Care Professionals
Chronic Kidney Disease in Primary Care (Study Day)
Child Health Assessment & Applied Pathophysiology (SNM664)
Cleft Lip And Palate: Intervention And Service Provision (HCS6104)
Cleft Lip And Palate: Speech Assessment (HCS6103)
Cleft Lip And Palate: Speech Production and Multi-Disciplinary Care (HCS6105)
Cognitive Development and Learning (HCS276)
Communicable Disease Control (Semester 2)(HAR685)
Communicable Disease Control DL (Semester 2 online) (HAR698)
Communication Diversity & Difficulties (HCS6087)
Contemporary Health Psychology and Behaviour Change (Semester 2) (HAR680)
Coronary Heart Disease Update (Study Day)
Cost-effectiveness Modelling for Health Technology Assessment (Semester 2) (HAR6167)
Cost-effectiveness Modelling in International Health Technology Assessment (Semester 2 online) (HAR6113)
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Dementia and Identity (SCS688)
Developing An Evidence Base For Practice (HCS6027)
Developing Clinical Practice (SNM3016)
Developing Clinical Practice - renal - online (SNM3256)
Disaster and Emergency Management (Semester 2) (HAR686)
Dissertation (SNM3136)
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Ear Care (Study Day)
ECG Analysis and Application (SNM2111/SNM3090)
Economic Evaluation (Semester 1) (HAR6260)
Economic Evaluation in International Health Technology Assessment (Semester 1 online) (HAR6115)
Education and Teaching for Healthcare Professionals - online (SNM661)
Effective Advanced Practice for Independent Prescribers (SNM677)
Effective Safeguarding for People with Dementia (SCS689)
Epidemiology (Semester 1) (HAR619)
Epidemiology Distance Learning (Semester 1 online) (HAR6048)
Evidence Based Emergency Medicine and Research (Semester 1) (HAR6105)
Evidence Based Practice - online (SNM660)
Evidence Based Practice - renal online (SNM3257)
Evidence Based Stroke Care (SNM3186/612)
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Further Statistics for Health Science Researchers (Semester 2) (HAR6045)
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Health Care Financing and Economic Evaluation (Semester 2) (HAR687)
Health Needs Assessment, Planning and Evaluation (Semester 1) (HAR6041)
Health Promotion (Semester 2) (HAR6021)
Health Promotion and Education in Practice - online (SNM609)
Health Promotion Distance Learning (Semester 2 online) (HAR6046)
Study Design and Systematic Review Methods (Semester 2) (HAR6169)
Building Cost-effective Models for Health Technology Assessment (Semester 2 online)(HAR6119)
Health Technology Assessment in Low & Middle Income Countries (LMICs) (Semester 2 online) (HAR6126)
Heart Failure in Primary Care (Study Day)
Hypertension (Study Day)
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Inclusive of People with Dementia: Involvement and Impact (SNM656)
Introduction to Contraception in Primary Care (Study Day)
Introduction to Performing and Interpreting Spirometry (Study Day)
International Healthcare Systems and Reimbursement (Semester 2 online) (HAR6112)
Interventions with Cleft Palate Speech (HCS6112)
Introduction to Diabetes Care and Management (SNM2204/SNM3187)
Introduction to Health Economics (Semester 1) (HAR6168)
Introduction to Health Promotion (Study Day)
Introduction to Research Methods (Semester 1) (HAR6030)
Introduction to Research Methods DL (Semester 1 online) (HAR6043)
Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal (Semester 1) (HAR6035)
Introduction to Statistics and Critical Appraisal DL (Semester 2) (HAR6042)
Introduction to Vaccination and Immunisation (Study Day)
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Key Issues in Global Public Health (Semester 1) (HAR675)
Key Issues in National and Global Public Health DL (Semester 1 online) (HAR6047)
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Language and Communication (HCS6026)
Language and Literacy (HCST22, 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27)
Leadership and Change Management in Healthcare (SNM639)
Leading and Managing Health Services (Semester 2) (HAR682)
Legal and Professional Issues in Healthcare (SNM633)
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Management Theory and Practice (Semester 1) (HAR6104)
Managing Diabetes as a Long Term Health Condition (SNM614)
Managing Respiratory Disease as a Long Term Condition (SNM615)
Masters Level Study Skills (SNM651)
Medical Statistics and Evidence Synthesis (Semester 2) (HAR670)
Medicolegal and Forensic Emergency Medicine (Semester 2) (HAR6124)
Methods and Processes in International Health Technology Assessment (HAR6111) Autumn Semester
Methods In Clinical Linguistics (HCS6003)
MPH/PGDip/PGCert Master of Public Health (Full time HART22/HART24/HART26)
MPH/PGDip/PGCert Master of Public Health (Part time HART23/HART25/HART27)
MPH/PGDip/PGCert Master of Public Health DL (Part time online HART80/HART81/HART82)
MPH/PGDip/PGCert Health Services Research (Full time HART32/HART34/HART36)
MPH/PGDip/PGCert Health Services Research (Part time HART33/HART35/HART37)
MPH/PGDip/PGCert Management & Leadership (Full time HART46/HART48/HART44)
MPH/PGDip/PGCert Management & Leadership (Part time HART45/HART47/HART49)
MPhil/PhD Health & Related Research (Full time HARR11 /Part time HARR21)
MPhil/PhD Human Communication Sciences (HCSR 20)
MSc/PGDip/PGCert Acquired Communication Disorders (HCST28, 29, 30, 31, 32 & 33) !NEW!
MSc Clinical Research (Full time HART64 Part time HART65)
MSc Health Economics and Decision Modelling (Full Time HART44 Part time HART45)
MSc Health Informatics INFT26 (Part time/Distance Learning)
MSc/PGDip/PGCert International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement HART66/HART67/HART68
Musculoskeletal Emergency Medicine (Semester 2) (HAR6121)
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Nurse/Midwifery Independent/Supplementary Prescribing Course (SNM3223/SNM624)
Neonatal Health Assessment and Diagnostic Reasoning (SNM648)
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Observational and Ambulatory Medicine (Semester 1) (HAR6106)
Operational Research Techniques in Health Resources Allocation (Semester 2) (HAR671)
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Paediatric Emergency Medicine (Semester 2) (HAR6108)
Palliative and Supportive Care (SNM3267)
Palliative and Supportive Care (SNM681)
PGCert/PG Dip/MSc Language and Communication Impairment in Children (HCST 16, 17 & 18)
PGCert/PGDip/MSc Speech Difficulties - (HCST 10, 12 & 14)
PGCert in Cleft Palate Studies (HCST05)
PGCert in Long Term Health Conditions (NURT86)
PGCert in Neonatal Intensive Care (NURT78)
PGDip/MSc Cleft & Speech (HCST07 & 09)
Pharmaceutical Pricing (Semester 2 online) (HAR692)
Policy, Practice and Health Systems (Semester 2) (HAR697)
Practice Based Portfolio Development & Developing Clinical Practice (SNM2129/SNM3016)
Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine, Event and Expedition Medicine (Semester 2) (HAR6109)
Professional Midwifery Advocate (non-bridging/long programme) (SNM678)
Promoting Evidence-Based Health Care (Semester 1) (HAR6521)
Promoting Evidence Based Practice (SNM2127/3182)
Public Health Informatics (Semester 2) (HAR655)
Psycho Social Approaches to the Care and Treatment of People with Dementia (SNM657)
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Qualitative Research Design and Analysis (Semester 2) (HAR6531)
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Randomised Controlled Trials (Semester 2) (HAR674)
Randomised Controlled Trials to Support Reimbursement Decision Making (HAR6116) Autumn Semester
Recognising and Responding to the Deteriorating Patient - online (SNM3258)
Recognising and Responding to the Deterioration Patient - online (SNM662)
Renal Nursing Degree Distance Learning
Research Methods - online (SNM663)
Research Methods for Emergency Medicine (Academic Year) (HAR6125)
Research Methods A (HCS6048)(15 credits)
Research Methods B (HCS6049)(15 credits)
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Sedation in Emergency Medicine (Semester 2) (HAR6122)
Sociology of Health and Illness (Semester 2) (HAR6016)
Specialist Neonatal Practice: Work Based Learning (SNM3262/SNM674)
Speech Difficulties 1 (HCS6021)
Speech Difficulties 2 (HCS6022)
Speech, Language and Communication Development (HCS275)
Speech, Language and Communication Needs (HCS277)
Spoken and Written Language (HCS6025)
Stabilisation and Management of the Special Care Baby (SNM3263/SNM673)
Systematic Reviews and Critical Appraisal Techniques (Semester 2) (HAR6501) Spring Semester
Systematic Reviews and Evidence Synthesis: Principles (Semester 1 online) (HAR6114)
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Theorising Dementia and the UK Policy Context (SNM655)
Travel Health (Study Day)
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Understanding Communication in Dementia (HCS6198)
Using Evidence in the Design and Development of Models (Semester 1 online) (HAR691)
Utility and Patient-reported Outcomes Data in Health Technology Assessment (Semester 2 online) (HAR6118)
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Vision and Strabismus - MMedSci/PGDip/PGCert (OPHT01) (Distance Learning)
Vaccination & Immunisation Two Day Basic Training (2 study days)
Vaccination & Immunisation One Day Update (1 Study day)
Valuing the Benefits of Health Care (Semester 2) (HAR694)
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Working with Children with S, Language and Communication Needs (HCS280)
Wound Care (Study Day)
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