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Welcome to the Human Metabolism Green Impact information page and a particular warm welcome to new members of staff who will receive a link to this information as part of their staff induction.

Green Impact is a sustainability accreditation scheme that runs in universities and colleges across the UK. It helps staff and students improve their impact on the environment by providing a workbook of well-explained and straightforward actions to implement in their departments. Departments can form teams and complete the workbook to gain awards.

The University of Sheffield has taken part since 2009/2010, as part of our behaviour change strategy to reduce our carbon emissions by 43% by 2020. Further information may be found at the University of Sheffield Green Impact webpages:

What is Human Metabolism doing ...?

Human Metabolism aims to promote greater environmental awareness by taking part in the Green Impact Schemes as an individual departmental team.

The department achieved Best Newcomer Award in 2013 and a Bronze Award in 2013 and 2014. The Human Metabolism Green Impact Champion is Orla Gallagher. She is also a member of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Green Impact Special Interest Group (GI SIG) who share best practice throughout the Faculty and disseminate information and suggestions for continued best practice to the Faculty Management.

The department is committed to progressively minimising the environmental impacts of its operations and has identified and ranked what it believes to be the five most significant negative environmental impacts. These are:

  1. Climate control – offices and laboratories.
  2. Leaving lighting switched on in unoccupied areas.
  3. Leaving office and laboratory equipment on when not in use.
  4. Reducing and recycling waste.
  5. Promoting sustainable travel and reducing the impact on limited car parking facilities.

This document outlines some of the key things staff can do to contribute.

Note: Some of this information is directly relevant to staff and students at the Medical School site; for other departmental sites, please use your contact as listed at the end of this document, or contact Orla Gallagher who will endeavour to help.

Get in touch

Your suggestions and questions:

If you would like to give suggestions and ideas about how we could become more “green” please get in touch.
Please also let us know if you wish to be involved in the team or if you would like to develop a team in your area.

For further information contact the departmental Green Impact Champion Orla Gallagher at

D & E Floor Medical School, Orla Gallagher, ext. 13337
Child Health, Joanne O’Leary, ext. 17303
Reproductive & Developmental Medicine, Sarah Elliott, ext. 68348

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this information. We look forward to working with you in order to ensure our environmental initiatives are successful.

February 2015

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