Sheffield wins NIHR Invention for Innovation Early Stage Research Award to develop a Dilly Anumbadevice for predicting premature birth

Dr Dilly OC Anumba, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Reproductive and Developmental Medicine and his team have been awarded a major grant from the NIHR under the Invention for Innovation (i4i) Early Stage scheme (£320,138.00).

The 3-year project entitled “Potential prediction of preterm labour and birth” will culminate in the manufacture of a novel predictive device for assessing human pregnancy remote from term. Preventive interventions and improved clinical care will be delivered to women identified at high risk of premature delivery.

Premature birth accounts for more than 70% of perinatal deaths and globally is a principal cause of childhood ill-health, disability and mental handicap. Prevention of spontaneous premature birth is limited by lack of sufficiently accurate prediction of risk remote from term.

The project aims to meet this clinical need by translating the work of the team through previous studies, experiments and devices into clinical application employing novel ideas and principles.