Grants Available

Two types of participant grants are available, click the highlighted links, below, to apply.
The first is a larger grant of £265 for those from the Majority World* (also described as Developing countries). 
The second is a smaller grant of £115 for those of Reduced Means** from the Minority World*** (also described as developed countries).
These grants are made available thanks to the assistance of the Conference for European University Chaplains (CEUC) and the International Association of Chaplains in Higher Education (IACHE).
Please note there are tours on Wednesday; these are optional and some tours are free of charge, so if you want to book a tour that is charged for, you would need to pay for that as an optional extra.

Grants for Majority World participants

Our conference already offers all Majority World* participants a scholarship rate for the conference fee (£240) and accommodation (£125). There are a minimum of 15 grants of £265 to reduce these costs to £100. It is also possible to attend the pre-conference on the scholarship rate for £25.

*Majority World: this term is similar to term 'Global South' but for our conference includes all 'Developing Economies' and 'Economies in Transition' listed in the 2019 UN World Economic Situation Prospects, which includes most of the nations of the world that are categorised by the UN as from all the many regions of African, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and also some nations of south-eastern Europe and all the Commonwealth of Independent States (which includes the Russian Federation) and Georgia.

Majority World grant: Apply Now

Grants for participants of Reduced Means

If you are of Reduced Means** you can apply for a grant of £115 to bring your conference participation and accommodation costs down to £250 (or £275 including the pre-conference), or if you are student down to £200 (or £225 including the pre-conference).

There are only a limited number of grants, so please wait for confirmation before assuming the cost you will incur in coming to the conference.

Our conference from 15 to 19 June 2020 already offers automatic scholarships to those of Reduced Means** from the Minority World***. The automatic rates without this grant would be £365 including accommodation for those of Reduced Means** or £315 for students including accommodation.

**Defining Reduced Means:
We have looked again at UN indicators and ask that those from the — if your annual income, (including benefits and before tax) does not exceed, circa £19,500, €23,000 or $25,000 USD, that you are entitled to the scholarship rate.

***Defining Minority World
Minority World—also means Developed Economies listed in the 2019 UN World Economic Situation Prospects.

Reduced Means grant—Apply Now