Conference Speakers

Thumbnail image of Mohammed Abu-NimerMohammed Abu-Nimer

I am interested in participating in the conference because I think that chaplaincy on campus and in higher education can play an important role in building harmony and genuine diversity and inclusivity in an academic environment
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Thumbnail picture of Kristin AuneKristin Aune

Keynote, Monday, 'The situation of higher education chaplaincy and its future: a UK perspective';
Chaplains on Campus report workshops, Pre-Conference;
Panel, 'The borders of our lives' Tuesday.

I’m excited by the opportunity to share findings from our new research study into the role and impact of university chaplains in the UK, so that our research evidence about the diverse ways chaplains contribute to their universities can shape the future leadership of higher education chaplaincy in the UK and internationally.
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Thumbnail picture of Rabbi Harvey BelovskiHarvey Belovski

Keynote, 'The next four years: conference reflections' with Jana BennettFriday;
Panel, 'Peaceful campus dialogue in times of conflict', Wednesday;
Workshop, 'Lessons in Chaplaincy Recruitment', Pre-Conference,
Seminar, 'Inclusions and freedom on campus', Thursday.

I welcome the opportunity to participate in ‘Liberty, Legacy, Leadership’ to share best practice, be inspired by world-leaders in the field and contribute a perspective from ancient Jewish wisdom to a wide audience.
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Thumbnail picture of Jana BennettJana Bennett

Keynote, 'Chaplaincy, disability and embodied religion in a virtual world', Tuesday;
Workshop, 'Disability, Theology and Empowerment', Monday;
Panel, 'The borders of our lives', Tuesday;
With Harvey Belovski, 'The next four years: conference reflections', Friday.

I’m interested in discussing the leadership potential of higher education chaplains for cultivating good digital and religious communities that engage students, faculty, and staff with disabilities.
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Thumbnail picture of Professor Grace DavieGrace Davie

My analyses of religion in (mostly) European societies include careful attention to Chaplaincy. Hence my commitment to the Liberty, Legacy, Leadership conference, encouraged all the more by the geographical, disciplinary and confessional diversity of the delegates.
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Thumbnail image of Adam DinhamAdam Dinham

Liberty, Legacy, Leadership appeals to me because it's about how people apply themselves to real problems in real places across all sorts of difference and diversity.
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Thumbnail of Harold KoenigHarold Koenig

I am interested in contributing to 'Liberty, Legacy, Leadership' for Chaplaincy staff in Higher Education because the work that chaplains do brings to life the research that I and my colleagues have been conducting for the past 35 years showing that faith can make a real difference in a person’s life and health.
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Thumbnail picture of Anthony ReddieAnthony Reddie

Keynote, 'Colonial legacies, liberation in education, Brexit and the relevance of chaplaincy', Wednesday;
Panel, 'The borders of our lives', Tuesday.

I'm delighted to contribute to 'Liberty, Legacy, Leadership' given the importance of chaplaincy in shaping the consciousness of future generations of students.
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Thumbnail picture of John StokesJohn Stokes

I believe it is important that chaplaincies explore ways to move beyond respect, equality and co-operation towards deper forms of communication.
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Thumbnail of Padraig O TuamaPádraig Ó Tuama

Keynote, 'Interpreting the chaplaincy context: Irish / UK / European perspectives', Monday;
Workshop, 'Poems to keep the Chaplain's Heart Strong' Pre-Conference;
Follow-on Workshop, 'Poems to Build a Country', Tuesday;
Panel, 'The borders of our lives', Tuesday.

What interests me in 'Liberty, Legacy, Leadership' is the opportunity to share stories of courage, learning and spirituality with colleagues from diverse national and religious traditions. Being together, exploring the human condition in light of changing borders and belongings excites me, as our traditions have much in common and much to share with each other. The Irish story of conflict, peace, negotiation and community has much to share with and learn from other global zones, and I look forward to the opportunity immensely.
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Thumbnail picture of Linda WoodheadLinda Woodhead

Keynote, with John Stokes, 'Chaplaincy's relevance in plural contexts where "no religion" is a big bit of the mix', Thursday;
Panel, 'Putting Religion and Belief on the university agenda', Thursday.

I am interested in how people make meaning outside of traditional religious institutions, and chaplains and chaplaincies are already ‘out there’. Like sociologists, chaplains do their work in the midst of society; I always find we have a great deal in common and much to learn from one another.
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