Student Ambassador Network (SAN)

The Student Ambassador Network

The CILASS Student Ambassador Network was comprised of 28 students each year, each representing a department running CILASS projects. In addition to working closely with staff and students in encouraging, promoting and refining the use of IBL in the classroom, we were arranged into workgroups, which were responsible for projects such as the production of the CILASS newsletter and journal, the development and upkeep of the CILASS student website, and running training sessions for staff and students on the use of technical equipment within CILASS. The Student Ambassadors also worked closely with departmental Academic Champions on projects within their home departments.

We also played a major role in events such as the annual CILASS Staff-student symposium, participated in weekly IBL cafes, represented CILASS at external events, and sat on advisory committees to provide the students' viewpoint.

Our Film Group created a film to explain all we were and did in one fell swoop, so just click on the film below to view it, or work your way around this part of the website.