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CILASS collaboratories

CILASS spaces for learning and teaching

CILASS (the Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences) at the University of Sheffield created new technology-rich spaces (`collaboratories´) for learning and teaching that have stimulated fresh thinking and new practices in inquiry-based learning (IBL).

The CILASS spaces were designed specifically to support collaborative,student-led inquiry in arts and social sciences disciplines. They also provide excellent facilities for staff development activity relating to IBL. CILASS provided teaching spaces containing high performance technology to inspire and support innovative inquiry-led teaching. Well designed spaces offering multimedia technology can help make good teaching better and enhance the learning experience. The CILASS spaces included 3 `collaboratories´ equipped with state of the art technology including an Access Grid Node (video conferencing facility enabling people to work collaboratively with students and experts from other institutions), Huddleboards and CopyCams (lightweight whiteboards that enable images to be captured and accessed via the web), Sympodiums (interactive displays which allow users to make digital annotations), and a range of fixed desktop and laptop computers. In addition there were smaller bookable rooms for group work and soft seating social networking spaces.

CILASS also had a variety of portable technology aimed at facilitating IBL. A list of the CILASS portable equipment can be downloaded from the right hand side of the page.

CILASS at the Information Commons

CILASS at Bartolomé House

Case Study video

JISC, The Joint Information Systems Committee chose the CILASS space in Bartolomé House to feature in a series of video case-studies on the theme of "Designing spaces for effective learning".