• Athens, Empire and the Classical Greek world
    This module engages students with a wide range of sources and theories relating to the archaeology of Athens during the Classical period (479-323 BC) and the city-state´s role in the Greek world, incorporating a variety of opportunities for collaborative and inquiry-based learning.
  • Becoming an Independent Learner at Level 2
    IBL approaches are used to build Level 2 students´ research skills and theoretical awareness in Archaeology, preparing them for more independent, research-based work at Level 3.
  • Human Evolution and the Hominid Fossil Record
    This module engages third year Archaeology students in a wide range of inquiry activities, both online and in class, to investigate Human Evolution and the Hominid Fossil Record.
  • Learning in Practice at Level 3
    Students engage in a range of independent and active learning tasks to develop research skills and increase engagement with research in the discipline, encouraging their appreciation of the open-ended nature of Archaeological research.