Becoming an independent learner at Level 2

This project used an IBL approach to build Level 2 students´ research skills and theoretical awareness in Archaeology. This was intended to prepare students for more independent, research-based work at Level 3, especially their dissertations. It also responded to student feedback seeking to make the modules more engaging at the same time as developing the capabilities that employers expect Archaeology graduates to possess. A range of active learning and technological resources and strategies were deployed to engage students in collaborative and independent inquiries that developed their information literacy, critical thinking, collaboration and research skills. For example, students conducted research projects into Sheffield Municipal Cemetery, allowing them to develop their research capabilities and awareness of the research process in Archaeology in a `real-world´ environment instead of being restricted to the lecture theatre.


information literacy; virtual learning environment; VLE; collaboration; technology; discussion; disciplinary principles; research methods

Project details:

Department: Archaeology
Project title: Becoming an independent learner at Level 2
Date(s) of implementation: Spring and Autumn Semesters 2007

Project Leader:

Professor Glynis Jones