Human Evolution and the Hominid Fossil Record

This module asked third year Archaeology students to engage in a wide range small and large inquiry activities, both online and in class, to investigate Human Evolution and the Hominid Fossil Record.

Students compiled two assessed reports over the course of the module and also completed weekly tasks on the course virtual learning environment. Practical sessions in which the students examined casts of the fossils by hand were accompanied by lectures and small group activities.

In the design overview the project leader also reports on modifications he made to the IBL elements of the course in its second iteration, building upon the excellent feedback it received first time around.


virtual learning environment (VLE); project-based learning; discussion; information literacy; assessment; active learning

Project details:

Department: Archaeology
Project title: Hominid Fossil Record
Date(s): Spring term 2007 and Spring term 2008

Project Leader:

Dr Kevin Kuykendall