CILASS (Centre for Inquiry-based Learning in the Arts and Social Sciences)

  • E-Learning
    This sequence was used as a showcase intended to use and demonstrate as many LAMS (Learning Activity Management System) functions as could suitably be incorporated into one sequence.
  • Music in Everyday Life
    The sequence was designed upon request by Department of Music staff wanting demonstrations of LAMS might be incorporated into their discipline. The showcase of the sequence fit into a full departmental away day on inquiry-based learning, thus forming just part of discussions around new technologies for IBL.
  • PBL Cycle
    This sequence was designed to specifically illustrate how LAMS might be used for inquiry-based learning, by following the problem-based learning cycle. The question ("What can the institution do to lessen its impact on the environment?") was chosen to appeal to a maximum number of departments, and builds on an induction week activity CILASS had facilitated face-to-face with students across the institution.