The Caribbean Programme

What can be more IBL than students working in groups to design and carry out their own research in order to both report their findings and reflect on themselves as budding researchers? This post-graduate Masters (MEd) module took a very successful IBL aspect and expanded it by an online component.

Using WebCT, distance learning students in the Caribbean worked with each other to read about and reflect on various research-related aspects in order to facilitate them to carry out their research, discussing concepts of research positionality, communities of practice, methodological issues and reflective skills along the way.

Supported by a stepped approach towards information literacy, students learned `by the by´ how to search for and evaluate information from online journals and the Internet.

Schematic diagram of the project


Educational Research: Collaboration; Technology; Research Development


Department: School of Education

Project: The Caribbean Programme

Dates: Semester 2 2005/06

Project Leader:

Dr Sabine Little

Random photo of the caribbean