• History of English Mentoring Scheme
    Second- and third-year students act as group mentors on a first year core module, History of English, to facilitate the development of information literacy and key skills in historical approaches to language through an inquiry-based exercise and develop coaching and mentoring skills.
  • Roots Routes
    This module asks students to participate actively in a series of seminars using eight modes of inquiry to examine Alex Haley´s novel Roots and the popular TV-miniseries, supported in so doing by a virtual learning environment and collaboratory learning spaces.
  • Teaching the Talk
    During the course of this project, run in collaboration with the University of Sheffield/British Library Theatre Archive Project (TAP), over thirty undergraduate students conducted oral history interviews about post-war British Theatre, transcripts of which have become part of TAP's online database, while the recording is housed in the Sound Archive.
  • Teaching Clusters
    The entire School of English staff engaged in a series of eight teaching and learning 'clusters', each focussed upon one mode of inquiry (research) common to the discipline of English Studies, and considered how students could be encouraged to engage with this approach autonomously.