Roots Routes

Take one cult book, sprinkle with eight research methods, nineteen students and smart teaching spaces. Find a cosy corner of cyberspace and nurture for twelve weeks. Here's the result.

Student on laptop and one on phone

"With Roots, what was really good was that you did have to know what you were talking about...people paid attention to it." English Student, 2007

The module Roots Routes asked students to participate actively in a series of seminars using eight modes of inquiry to examine Alex Haley´s novel Roots and the popular TV-mini series. The course's virtual learning environment and CILASS collaboratories were integral to the delivery of the module, allowing students to engage in collaborative research-led learning in real time.


Research-led Teaching, VLE, Blended Learning, Student Participation, Technology, Learning Space


Department: School of English Literature, Language and Linguistics

Project: EGH 201 Roots Routes: Eight Things to do with a Text

Dates: September 2006 - January 2007

Project Leaders:

Dr Duco van Oostrum

Dr Richard Steadman-Jones

Students collaborating and working on pc