• Paths From Antiquity to Modernity
    This case study examines the approach adopted when the History Department introduced IBL tasks into its core Level 1 module, Paths From Antiquity to Modernity, impacting positively on students by developing ideas-sharing and discussion, improving information literacy and research skills and, in some cases, fostering a changed attitude towards learning.
  • Inquiry-led Independent and Collaborative Research Modules
    Two core elements of the curriculum were developed in order to improve the independent and collaborative research skills of undergraduates in the History Department, using a range of electronic resources, peer feedback mechanisms and postgraduate led workshops to build upon existing expertise and further embed inquiry in the heart of the curriculum.
  • New Histories (Student-led Project)
    This project created a vibrant, fully student-led on-line magazine aiming to be a truly accessible resource for history writers and readers, and that has widened the research interests of those involved, giving them a new outlet for their own historical ideas. New Histories is an on-going concern with regular new issues and a continuing editorial team. The site has also inspired similar activities in other subject disciples.