• Embedding IBL in the Curriculum through the Development of a New Module (EU Law)
    This module encourages a cohort of 400 students to practice, develop, apply and hone the skills to which they have been introduced in their first year through an adapted IBL framework, using self-directed and collaborative learning techniques, supported by a virtual learning environment, alongside seminars and non-traditional lectures.
  • Understanding Law 1 Electronic Workbook
    This core first year module couples traditional lectures and seminars with two innovations – an electronic workbook and a student tutor scheme – to develop students’ skills of legal inquiry.
  • Understanding Law 2
    During this core first year module 250 students work on a diverse combination of individual and collaborative inquiry tasks in order to develop a more holistic appreciation of law in different contexts.
  • Promoting and Embedding IBL in the School of Law
    This approach focused on the role of IBL in the Law School´s Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy, aiming to develop a series of dissemination and development events with a view to significantly enhancing the School´s `teaching and learning´ culture and enforcing a better synergy between research and teaching amongst staff.
  • Exploring Intellectual Property
    This LAMS activity sequence sought to address the question of how to encourage students to follow up in-class activities outside of the classroom. Tutors devised a series of interactive tasks, incorporating multimedia elements, to enable students to carry out and reflect upon independent research into Intellectual Property issues.