Student Engagement with Information Literacy

"I would like to record how phenomenally helpful the Library has been, much more so than anticipated because once I was able to say to our contact that I didn´t understand it or didn´t do it very well she moved mountains to change things" (project leader feedback)

As a key institutional partner, the library plays a key role in developing information literacy approaches with CILASS project leaders. This project sought to increase student engagement in information literacy through a number of avenues:

  • Collaboration between the Library, the CILASS team and module leaders to develop information literacy pedagogies.
  • Further development of module resource lists in a more interactive way, including the digitisation of relevant materials where appropriate.
  • Widening the scope of the Library’s online ‘Information Skills’ resource, which is deployed via the virtual learning environment.

The project was particularly successful in developing collaborative partnerships between library staff, academics and CILASS team members and in supporting the embedding information literacy at various institutional and strategic levels.


information literacy; virtual learning environment; embedding; technology

Project details:

Department: Library
Project title: Student Engagement with Information Literacy
Dates of implementation: autumn 2005-spring 2007

Project Leaders:

Peter Stubley

Lyn Parker

Clare Scott