• Critical Appraisal of the Public Presentation of Psychology
    Collaborative inquiry based learning is introduced at the very start of the level 1 curriculum in the Psychology Department. Students trace the origins of a Psychology-related story in the popular press back to its origins in published research. They are supported through this process by postgraduate tutors and by working together in groups to develop their information literacy skills.
  • Information Literacy in Research Methods
    How can we make statistics and research methods classes more engaging and interesting for students? The Psychology Department has addressed this question by getting postgraduate tutors to introduce students to the techniques that researchers in the discipline use regularly when conducting their own research. Students work collaboratively on a question, developing a hypothesis and taking it through to the end of the research process.
  • Inquiry based Learning in Psychological Research Methods
    The Psychology Department has revised a core Level 2 research methods module using inquiry-based principles, building on developments in the Level 1 curriculum that had also seeks to develop students´ skills in research design and methodology.
  • Learning from Participating in Psychological Research
    Students´ experience of taking part in research is enhanced and they are encouraged to use their experiences to inform the design of their own research later in their degree. A new assignment for an introductory methods course asks students to reflect on their experience of participating in an experiment.
  • Collaborative Learning Through Argumentation
    Level 3 Psychology students develop their argumentation skills by engaging in a range of collaborative activities inside and outside of class. Technology is integrated inside and outside of face-to-face contact time.