Using University virtual services

Using University virtual services


  • Access university email
  • Access university calendar
  • Access MOLE
  • Access uSpace
  • Access your university personal files using myFileStore
  • Access/credit your printing and copying account
  • Access/view your timetable using myTimetable
  • View library loans and reservations using myLibrary Account
  • Access/book a computer or room using myPC
  • View room booking availability using Room and Parking Services ,a href="">room booking enquiry system
  • Personalise your MUSE page by customising layout and/or adding new channels
  • Join/view a MUSE group


  • Access lecture notes
  • Submit student work
  • Take online tests
  • Watch and listen to audio/video files
  • Work on a project in groups
  • Sign up to scheduled sessions


  • Create a document that anyone can modify
  • Start a discussion
  • Set up/fill out a poll
  • Set up/write a blog
  • Comment on a document, discussion or blog
  • Set up/join a group
  • Add photos, video and audio into documents/discussion/blogs as well as text
  • Set up/ join groups to aid collaboration
  • Follow your friends and colleagues - be notified when your friends or colleagues have updated something in uSpace
  • Upload Microsoft Office documents (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • View uploaded Microsoft Office documents in preview mode (no need to download) and add comments directly into the body of text


  • Set up/manage a website


  • Host/manage a website
  • Host/manage a blog