The Matchmaker

Christopher Green

Cultural matchmaker and host for the day was entertainment expert Christopher Green, a multi-award winning comedy performer and writer. He also acted as matchmaker at Ideas Bazaars in 2011, 2013 and 2015, using his best 'vicar's wife' skills to get people talking.

Christopher Green

Christopher was born in Sheffield. His paternal grandfather was a steel worker from the age of 14 to 65. His maternal grandfather's family owned the butchers, the greengrocers and the Funeral Directors in Woodhouse. When his mother became a midwife they had the town sewn up.

"I am an entertainer. I do this through writing and performing. I do lots of very varied projects because I’m lucky enough to be able to follow my interests and make work about them. It seems that I’m interested in lots of things.

All of my work involves encouraging the audience to get involved – directly in the case of my experiential work or as Ida Barr leading the Hokey Cokey – but indirectly I always encourage some kind of response from simply leaning in to take more notice, to getting up and taking some action. Everything comes down to entertainment. It’s my way of doing things. There are lots of others and I like a lot of them, but for me, I need to give you a few gags, some songs, some wry observations and some showbiz skills to justify taking up your time.

I am very proud of my experiential theatre work from Office Party, through VIP, The Razzle to This Show Has No Name and my new show about pornography addiction which premiered at the Southbank Centre in London, in which the audience did the talking, and the healing. I love encouraging people to join in, take hold of the conversation and make connections”.