Conference: Canadian Sociological Association, Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Victoria, British Columbia, 3rd-8th June

At the beginning of June Dr Victoria Robinson, Prof Jenny Hockey and Dr Rachel Dilley presented at the Canadian Sociological Association annual meeting. The paper 'Young Men, Footwear and the 'Doing' of Masculinities' is being developed for publication and will be available in due course.

Paper: 'Worn Shoes: Identity, Memory and Footwear' in Sociological Research Online

Our first academic journal paper from the project has now been published in Sociological Research Online. This is an open-access journal so everyone can access it. If you'd like to read the paper please follow the link

Review: The Louboutin Retrospective at the Design Museum, March - July 2012

Jenny Hockey reviews the recent exhibition held at the London Design Museum. To read the review please click here. To find out more about the exhibition and to read about Christian Louboutin visit the museum's website.

Conference: British Sociological Association Ageing, Body and Society Study Group Conference, 6th July 2012

Prof Jenny Hockey presented at the BSA Ageing Body and Society Study Group Conference. To view the paper please follow this link 'Nana couldn't be seen dead in any of these shoes': Ageing Identity and Footwear (Prof Jenny Hockey, Dr Rachel Dilley & Dr Victoria Robinson) and for the slides click here.

Conference: Fashion Tales, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, 7-9th June 2012 

Dr Victoria Robinson and Dr Rachel Dilley presented papers at this international multi-disciplinary fashion conference. To read their papers please click on the links Embodied Consumers and Footwear: Mundane and Extreme Transitions  (Dr Victoria Robinson, Prof Jenny Hockey and Dr Rachel Dilley)   Filming Shoes, Exploring Identity (Dr Rachel Dilley)   

Report: Advisory Board Meeting, 27th April 2012

Once again our wonderful Advisory Board members made their way to Sheffield to hear about out progress and discuss the next stages of the project. Please click the link to read the report of the Advisory Board Meeting.

Toolkit: Putting Shoes on Show

Jenny Hockey and Alexandra Sherlock reflect on the process of setting up the 'If the Shoe Fits' Exhibition in the ICOSS building last December. The exhibition was aimed at communicating the aims and objectives of the 'If the Shoe Fits' project, along with a sample of the data gathered so far, to a wider audience. This review builds on an exhibition toolkit written by Hazel Burke as part of the 'Real Life Methods' programme at the University of Manchester. Those planning on setting up an exhibition to disseminate data, or those interested in seeing some images of our exhibition may be interested to read the review. The brief film that featured in the exhibition can be viewed here.

Seminar: Women's Studies Research Seminar Series, University of York, 16th November 2011

Prof Jenny Hockey and Dr Rachel Dilley presented a paper to a packed room of postgraduates and staff at the University of York as part of the Women's Studies Research Seminar Series. Please follow this link to read their paper If the She Fits: Footwear, Gender and Identity   (Dr Rachel Dilley and Prof Jenny Hockey)

Report: Advisory Board Meeting - 17th October 2011

On 17th October 2011 our Advisory Board met for the second time at the University of Sheffield to hear an update of work completed and future plans. A big thank you to all who were able to attend. If you would like to read the report of the meeting please click here for the Advisory Board Meeting report and here for the accompanying presentation.

Conference: 'Fashion, Exploring Critical Issues', conference, Oxford, 22nd - 25th September 2011

In September Alexandra Sherlock delivered a paper at the global fashion conference in Oxford. Her paper 'Footwear: Transcending the Mind-Body Dualism in Fashion Theory' was based on her own PhD research in conjunction with a sample of the focus group data from the wider research project 'If the Shoe Fits'. The paper was presented to over seventy delegates from around the world and was received with interest. If you would like to read her paper please click here. The full programme for the conference can be viewed on the website and Alex's paper will also be available to read in the conference e-book which will be available in due course.

Review: Gentlemen of Bradford - 11th June - 27th August 2011

Working with the award winning photographer, Paul Floyd Blake, 6 young men from Bradford aged between 13 and 19 have created an engaging exhibition at the Impressions Gallery about fashion, identity, ethnicity and masculinities. Click here to read a review by Dr Rachel Dilley. For more information about the gallery and the exhibition visit the Impressions Gallery Website.

Report: Advisory Board Meeting - 6th May 2011

On 6th May 2011 members of our Advisory Board came to the University of Sheffield for our first Advisory Board meeting. A lively discussion ensued and we were very fortunate to be able to draw on the knowledge and expertise of such an esteemed group of academics and practitioners. We are very grateful to those who were able to attend. To read the report, please follow this link Advisory Board Meeting, 6th May 2011

Review: Little Black Dress Exhibition - Barnsley Civic, 31st March - 20th May 2011

What is it that has made the LBD such an enduring prototype for designers, media stars and ordinary women for nearly a century? Jenny Hockey reviews the LBD exhibition, held at the Barnsley Civic, for an insight into the unwavering popularity of this modern icon. Click here to read the full review.

Conference: Sneaker Speakers: The Symposium of the Training Shoe - Northampton Guildhall, 2nd April 2011

Prof Jenny Hockey and Dr Rachel Dilley presented preliminary findings on trainers from their focus group data to a mixed audience of academics, trainer collectors,, curators and members of the public. The paper discusses the ambivalence of the position of the trainer, it's mass production and the diversification and fragmentation of the meanings they carry for different people in different subcultures. Gender, identity and transition are all central themes in how trainers are understood, worn (or not worn) and experienced by different people. To read the full paper please click here Who Do You Think You Are? and to view the slides click here PP slides

For and overview of the day and the other presentations please click here Sneaker Speaker Symposium. Gary Halliday has made a short film of the day which is available on YouTube

Review: Shoes - Sadler's Wells at the Peacock Theatre, London, 8th February - 3rd April 2011

Following a visit to see the highly publicised musical show 'Shoes', Alex Sherlock casts a critical eye on some popular themes which emerge, and analyses the bearing these issues might have on the current research project. To read the full article please click here Shoes: the Musical.

For tickets and information about Sadler's Wells click here

Review: Stories of the World: Walking in My Shoes - The Cuming Museum, Southwark, London, 10th December 2010 - 23rd April 2011

Prof Jenny Hockey reviews 'Walking in My Shoes', an exhibition all about the shoes we wear and the journeys they make. The exhibition works where created in collaboration with young people from the Visual and Performing Arts Project based in Southwark. To read the review please click here Walking in my Shoes

For more information see

Review: Aware: Art, Fashion, Identity - Royal Academy of Arts, 2nd December 2010 – 30th January 2011              

A review by Jenny Hockey which describes how the work of artists and fashion designers from many parts of the world can make us ‘aware’ of issues of identity; who we are and how we relate to others. The themes of power and inequality, bodily containment, violence, grief and pleasure are key to the huge range of work presented in the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue. To read the review please click here Aware Exhibition Review

Conference: British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2010 

This paper critically addresses the ways in which identity has been investigated. First, we explore the importance of transition within processes of creating identity; second, the embodied nature of identity; and third, the sometimes neglected contribution of items of material culture, such as shoes, to who we feel ourselves to be – and indeed how others see us. To read the paper please click here BSA conference presentation 2010 and to view the slides click here BSA 2010 PP.

Case For Support from the Economic and Social Research Council Proposal 

This is taken from the bid to our funders, the Economic and Social Research Council, and provides a more in-depth explanation of where our ideas for the project have come from. It also situates the project within current sociological debates on identity, embodiment and material culture. Please click here to read the ESRC Case for Support