Dedicated Outstanding Mentors Recognised

Allan Lawrie

Martina DalyCongratulations to Dr Martina Daly and Dr Allan Lawrie from the Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease who have been recognised for their mentoring skills, expertise and good citizenship. Both Martina and Allan are mentors for the Think Ahead programme for Early Career Researchers.

Dr Allan Lawrie said “pleased to hear that mentees find it useful to discuss career opportunities and that my experiences are useful to them.”

Allan’s Mentee said: "Allan provided invaluable advice and ideas on how to move forward in my research career, and how to have a global view on my long term research goals."

Dr Martina Daly said “As a mentor, it is really great to receive this positive feedback, as it means that I must be doing something right. However, I should also say that I had a very receptive mentee who was looking for ways to broaden her CV. I just made some suggestions!"

Martina’s Mentee said “I feel that from an unbiased point of view, Martina pointed out opportunities to me that I otherwise would not have known about and that will really help broaden my CV. She has been supportive and has known when to push me and when to suggest I don’t take on too much as I can get carried away with saying yes to things!"

Professor Sheila Francis, Head of Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease said “This good citizenship often goes unrecognised and I am delighted to be able to share this good news with you all and to commend this important area of activity and expertise”.