It’s GRIN up North! Cardiovascular Researchers Celebrate the REF Results

The REF 2014 results released today confirm Sheffield as a world leading University. Sheffield was one of only three Universities in the UK to make 35 or more submissions across a range of subject areas and of these, 23 were judged to be in the top 10 in the Russell Group for the quality of research outputs. In the overall ranking of Institutions, Research Excellence Framework 2014based on grade point average (GPA) scores, Sheffield leads the Northern Powerhouse.

In clinical medicine, Sheffield are in the top 10 for combined world leading and internationally excellent outputs. Staff in Cardiovascular Science also contributed significantly to the outstanding result in subjects allied to healthcare where Sheffield was the leading institution out of 94 submissions in this category.

A new feature for this year was measuring impact: assessing just what difference the work that we do in the University makes in the outside world.

Researchers in Cardiovascular Science have:

  • Identified a new gold standard treatment for the emergency correction of warfarin-induced coagulopathy. As a result of the research carried out in Sheffield in patients with life-threatening bleeding on warfarin, the clinical management of the condition has changed completely.

  • Provided compelling evidence that a new drug for heart attack victims called Ticagrelor reduces mortality. This has had a major impact on the management of acute coronary syndromes and is anticipated to contribute to a significant reduction in mortality in the year following acute coronary syndrome, ultimately saving thousands of lives per year globally.

  • Showed that Interleukin-1 gene biomarkers has revolutionised personalised dental healthcare in the US. Research led to development of a periodontal susceptibility test as an objective leading edge tool for dentists to manage and prevent the complications of periodontal disease.

Sheila Francis, Head of Cardiovascular Science commented “this exercise has been a huge amount of work for academics and Professional services staff. I am delighted that it shows what we have known for a long time, that in Medicine and Biomedicine in Sheffield, our research is of good quality and that most important of all, we are making a real difference to patients with cardiovascular and other related diseases”