Congratulations to Professor Steve Renshaw on his MRC Programme Grant

We are delighted to announce the award of an MRC Programme Grant to the Department of Infection and Immunity in partnership with GlaxoSmithKline, Stevenage. The award is to the laboratory of Steve Renshaw, Professor of Respiratory Medicine in I&I. The successful grant provides five years’ funding for the Renshaw lab, supporting key post-docs and retaining their unique skills. The programme builds on the Renshaw lab’s core expertise in “Finding new treatments for failed resolution of inflammation using zebrafish models” and benefits from important translational links with Prof Caroline Savage’s Experimental Medicine Unit in GSK. The Programme builds on important new discoveries in neutrophil behaviour during inflammation resolution, including the new findings that neutrophil reverse migration can be delayed by pro-inflammatory signals and can be driven by new classes of anti-inflammatory compounds. Compound screening in zebrafish has identified an important new class of pro-resolution therapeutic (Robertson et al, Science Translational Medicine, 2014) modulating neutrophil behaviour to cause inflammation resolution. In parallel, a series of drug targets have been identified in neutrophils, whose inhibition can drive inflammation resolution. Building on a productive partnership between Prof Renshaw and GSK, begun during a recent MRC Fellowship-Partnership award, the Sheffield team will collaborate with GSK to identify new drug targets and new lead compounds targeting the neutrophil to drive inflammation resolution in inflammatory diseases. Prof Renshaw came to Sheffield to study under Professor Moira Whyte and this award is a great example of the legacy she leaves to Sheffield.

Prof Renshaw said, “This is fantastic news for our lab - confirming the place of our zebrafish models alongside more well established models of inflammation and allowing us to develop the potential of zebrafish to deliver new treatments for our patients."