Professor Steve Renshaw announced as the New Sir Arthur Hall Chair of Medicine

Sir Arthur HallProfessor Steve RenshawCongratulations go to Professor Stephen Renshaw who has now been appointed by the Vice Chancellor Professor Sir Keith Burnett to the Sir Arthur Hall Chair of Medicine in celebration and recognition of his achievements in creating the Renshaw Lab, his research and teaching contributions in the fields of respiratory medicine and inflammation and his role as Director of the Bateson Centre.

This professorship is named in honour of Sir Arthur Hall who was a stalwart of the Sheffield Medical community and a transformative figure in the development of the University Medical Faculty as we know it today. He was a prime mover in the amalgamation of the then separate Sheffield Medical School, Firth College and Sheffield Technical School. He was knighted in 1935 as Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the University of Sheffield for his distinguished service to medicine.

Sheila Francis on behalf of the Department of Infection, Immunity and Cardiovascular Disease said “we are all delighted that this academic distinction has been conferred upon Professor Steve Renshaw. Sir Arthur was known for ‘bringing people together and enabling them to work together’ and this is exactly the philosophy that Professor Renshaw has employed as Director of the Bateson Centre. I also note from citations about Sir Arthur that he was a ‘man of wide culture’ and indeed Professor Renshaw studied Art History prior to embarking on a career in Medicine.”