Prestigious Prize for Young Cardiovascular Scientist

Congratulations to Dr Sarah Hsiao who won the Young InvestigatorDr Sarah Hsiao prize at the International Symposium on Biomechanics in Vascular Biology which was held in Montreal earlier this week. Sarah received this award for her research on the development of new pharmacological approaches to promote vascular healing in stented arteries. Stent devices that can be expanded to unblock arteries are used to successfully treat thousands of patients with cardiovascular disease each year. However, the process of stent delivery also leads to damage to the vessel which can trigger the formation of dangerous blood clots which can block the artery. Sarah’s research has characterised some of mechanical forces that damage arteries following stent implantation and has also identified a compound that can accelerate the healing process in stented arteries. Her work has involved the assembly of a network of mathematicians, physicists, engineers, cardiologists and biologists located at the Departments of Cardiovascular Science and Mechanical Engineering and the INSIGNEO Institute of In Silico Medicine at the University of Sheffield, as well as colleagues at the Materials and Engineering Research Institute at Sheffield Hallam University and the Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.

The work was carried out with British Heart Foundation funding in the laboratory of Professor Paul Evans who said “I was delighted that Sarah has won this prestigious award. It suggests a new pharmacological treatment to mend arteries that are damaged during the stenting process. Sarah and her colleagues now need to carry out further research to investigate whether the compound that she has identified can prevent clotting and re-blockage of stented arteries.”