Promoting Fairtrade Fortnight

Our Green Impact team promoted Fairtrade Fortnight, 24th February - 9th March 2014 by coinciding one of the monthly departmental coffee mornings to raise the profile of fairtrade produce.

All refreshments and cakes were sourced from a local cafe which specialises in fairtrade produce. A price comparison was done for a number of commonly purchased foodstuffs trying to highlight that a few pence to us at the checkout makes a huge difference to the grower. Particular focus was placed on banana production and retail. Information was projected on to a screen and lots of delicious goodies such as banana cake, banana syrup and plain old bananas were provided - it looks like they were enjoyed by all!

Green impact is an initiative that is in place to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of living. The Department of Infection and Immunity has participated in Green Impact for the past few years, last year gaining Silver Standard for the Department overall and Gold Standard for the laboratories. Our taking part has developed and expanded to include a sense of this being a collective and ongoing community responsibility.

green impact coffee morningAs a department, we try to promote various schemes relating to transport, re-cycling, reducing energy usage and re-using wherever possible. Even small changes, if adopted by a number of individuals, can make a big difference. We have been involved in developing outdoor spaces surrounding Faculty buildings and are hoping to get some bird-feeders in place in and around the Medical School to support the bird population.

Our Green Impact Team have now submitted this years workbook, having tried to improve our Green credentials year on year, we await the outcome.