MRes Cardiovascular Medicine: From Molecules to Man

Programme Code: CDLT01
Lead academic: Dr Victoria Ridger

MRes Collage

"The MRes in Cardiovascular Medicine allows development of research skills alongside scientific knowledge of cardiovascular medicine, all taught by leading experts in the field. The opportunity to work alongside established academics in contributing to world-class research produced by the university, is both enjoyable and invaluable."

Roshni Solanki, Intercalating Medical Student, 2017-2018.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimate by 2030 more than 23 million people will die annually from cardiovascular disease. The discovery of effective and novel treatments for disease starts with understanding the molecular and cellular processes involved.

The course is delivered by experts within the Cardiovascular field, both clinicians and academics. It provides a unique research environment within which students can learn valuable transferrable skills encompassing the full range of activity from discovery science at the laboratory bench to the hospital clinic/bedside. The focus is upon developing new treatments for the clinical problems of; coronary artery disease and its complications, pulmonary arterial disease, and bleeding conditions. The research project forms the major part of your studies, during which time you will be integrated into the Department as a member of an established research team.

Master of Research (MRes), while containing some taught elements, focuses more on research skills. The unique aspects of this course are that it:

  • Provides a good understanding of the basic science as well as some clinical insight into pathological conditions.
  • Gives insight into cutting edge research, both in the lab and in the clinic.
  • Provides extended experience of a hypothesis-driven laboratory research project alongside experts in the field.

All of the above will increase employability in both industry and academia and also provide valuable transferable skills they can use in whatever career path they wish to choose.