Dr Annamaria Carusi

Reader in Medical Humanities, Honorary Reader in Philosophy & Co-Director Medical Humanities Sheffield

Annamaria CarusiDepartment of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease
University of Sheffield
Medical School
Beech Hill Road
S10 2RX
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)114 215 9517
Email: a.carusi@sheffield.ac.uk
Fax: +44 (0)114 271 1863

Contact details in the Philosophy Department:

Room C15
Department of Philosophy
45 Victoria Street
S3 7QB


I work on philosophical and social aspects of biosciences and medical sciences, in particular on how technologies for conducting scientific research mediate knowledge.

I have a broad humanities background, with a Comparative Literature MA, and a PhD in Philosophy, with a dissertation on embodiment in Kant and Merleau-Ponty. I started my academic career at the University of South Africa, in the Department of Literary Theory, where I taught critical theory. On moving to the UK, I slowly shifted more closely to science and technology studies. This may seem far from my original starting point, but there is a continuous strand throughout my research: that is my interest in meaning, knowledge and representation in the arts and sciences. My research combines theoretical and conceptual analysis with qualitative empirical methods.

Research Interests:

I have published widely on computational approaches to the biosciences, particularly modeling, simulation and visualisation in systems biology and computational medicine; personalised medicine and data-intensive approaches; as well as on imaging in clinical contexts, digital media and issues relating to expertise and cross-disciplinarity.

My current research mainly focuses on two areas:

  • I am PI of the Wellcome Seed Award ‘Artificial Intelligence in the Clinic’. This project aims to research the social factors that are involved in developing and implementing multiple AI applications in one clinical unit, the Pulmonary Vascular Diseases Unit of the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. It is a collaboration with clinicians, biomedical researchers, and engineers.
  • Extending my previous Wellcome Seed Award ‘Crowsourcing for Health’, I am continuing research into current shifts in toxicology and the general understanding of chemicals as they affect human health and the environment. Toxicology in the 21st century combines the informational and computational technologies of post-genomic biosciences, and the use of digital social media, and brings together many lines of my previous research.
  • I am collaborating on a project to explore the concept of medical explanation in medically unexplained symptoms from a philosophical perspective.

Teaching Interests:

I teach the Philosophy of Medicine module.

The Medicine in Society MA begins in Autumn 2019.

I am supervising and co-supervising students in a number of different topics:

I am co-promoter of these international PhD projects:

I am interested in supervising students working in philosophy of medicine, philosophy of technology as applied to biosciences, biomedical sciences, toxicology and policy, medical science and technology studies.

Current Projects:

I am currently developing research projects on:

  • philosophical, cultural and social aspects of personalised medicine.
  • comparing computational and animals models in biomedical sciences.
  • developing educational and training resources to deploy the humanities in interdisciplinary science.


For key publications see below.  For a full list of publications click here.

Journal articles


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Conference proceedings papers

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Edited books

  • Carusi A, Hoel AS, Webmoor T & Woolgar S (Eds.) (2014) Visualisation in the age of computerisation. London and New York: Routledge. RIS download Bibtex download