Professor David Fishwick MBChB FRCP (Glasgow and London) AFOM MD

Honorary Professor of Occupational and Environmental Respiratory Disease

Department of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular DiseaseDavid Fishwick
Respiratory Function Unit
A Floor
Royal Hallamshire Hospital
Glossop Road
Sheffield S10 2JF
United Kingdom

Tel: + 44 (0)114 271 3631
Fax: + 44 (0)114 271 1836


I am currently a Consultant Respiratory Physician with a major clinical and research interest in occupational lung disease, holding the following roles; Consultant Respiratory Physician, STH Foundation NHS Trust, Co-Director of the Centre for Workplace Health (CWH), and Chief Medical Officer, Health and Safety Laboratory. In addition, I am an Honorary Professor of Occupational and Environmental Respiratory Medicine, University of Sheffield, awarded in 2010.

Research Interests:

My research interests are focussed around the broad interface between the work environment and respiratory health. For example, I have active research interests in health surveillance for workers exposed to potentially harmful exposures at work, in addition to the diagnostic processes used to identify disease. This work has led previously to the development of professional standards in this area, and the ability to influence policy.

Teaching Interests:

My teaching interests are related to the origins, identification and treatment of respiratory illness. At undergraduate level, I coordinate the phase 1a respiratory course, and at postgraduate level have been involved in many modalities of teaching delivery, including the development of an occupational health technician course with the University of Sheffield and a web hosted occupational asthma module with eBMJ.

Professional Activities:

  • I currently chair the British Lung Foundation northern regional group.
  • I sit on the British Thoracic Society Occupation Lung Disease Specialist Advisory Group.
  • I also sit on the ERS taskforce for occupational specific challenge testing.
  • I am a member of GORDS group.
  • I retain an interest in the infant cohort study started by myself when I lived and worked in New Zealand, at the Wellington Asthma Research Group, between 1995 and 1997.

Current Projects:

I am currently working on a number of research themes, including a pan European PEROSH wellbeing initiative and a Strategy Research Programme for HSL relating to health at work, and a smoking cessation project for the British Occupational Health Research Foundation.

Key Publications:

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