Dr. Maria Fragiadaki

Kidney Research UK Non-Clinical Fellow

Maria FragiadakiDepartment of Infection, Immunity & Cardiovascular Disease
University of Sheffield
Medical School
Beech Hill Road
S10 2RX
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 114 215 9527
Fax: +44 (0) 114 271 1863
Email: m.fragiadaki@sheffield.ac.uk


I am an independent research fellow, funded by Kidney Research UK, studying the effects of JAK-STAT signalling in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) and associated vascular complications. Previously, I held a Thomas-Berry and Simpson Fellowship from the University of Sheffield, which initiated my independent work on ADPKD. I received my PhD in Molecular Medicine from Imperial College London in 2009 and my BSc (hons) in Genetics from the University of Aberdeen in 2005.

Research Interests:

My group is interested in delineating the molecular mechanisms involved in renal injury in the context of chronic and acute kidney disease with specific focus on Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD). ADPKD is a devastating multi-organ disease, affecting more than 7 million people worldwide, currently remaining without a cure. We have recently reported that the evolutionarily conserved biochemical pathway, known as JAK-STAT, is involved in the development and progression of ADPKD. Specifically, we uncovered that STAT5 results in pathogenic proliferation of the renal epithelium, thus contributing to the burden of this chronic disease. To build from our observations and answer how disease develops and progresses in the polycystic kidney we use a multi-disciplinary approach combining use of next-generation RNA-seq transcriptomics, murine models of disease and human samples/cells.

We have received funding from Kidney Research UK, British Heart Foundation and the Academy of Medical Sciences to study JAK-STAT in renal and vascular disease. My group therefore aims to better understand the contribution of JAK-STAT in renal/vascular disease and utilize its inhibition as a novel therapeutic target for ADPKD.

confocal microscopy - kidney epithelial cells

human ADPKD-derived cells

Awards & Fellowships:

  • 2018 Academy of Medical Sciences Springboard.
  • 2017 Women Academic Returner’s Programme (WARP).
  • 2016 Kidney Research UK Fellowship.
  • 2014 Women Academic Returner’s Programme (WARP).
  • 2013 Thomas Berry and Simpson Fellowship.
  • 2011 Young Life Scientist Prize, Biochemical Society.
  • 2010 Lockwood Award, Renal Association.
  • 2008 Young Renal Scientist of the year, Renal Association.
  • 2008 Walls Travel Bursary, Renal Association.
  • 2007 Best PhD Poster Prize, Imperial College London.
  • 2005 Kidney Research UK PhD Studentship, Imperial College.


Academy of Medical Sciences Springboard.
BHF-funded three-year project grant.
Kidney Research UK personal Fellowship.
Thomas-Berry and Simpson Fellowship.
Crucible innovation grant (antibotoxosome to treat cancer).

Professional Activities:

  • Member of the Biochemical Society.
  • Member of the Renal Association.
  • Member of the British Society for Cell Biology.


For key publications see below. For a full list of publications click here.

Journal articles